Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution

It is that time of year, yes, New Years Resolutions. But no not me! My husband preached about making them and making the choice each day to keep them. Soooooo no not me. But I do have a desire I want to achieve this year and that is the all time favorite, to lose weight. But it will have to be after the new year starts, too many goodies in the house right now for the holidays, plus we are ordering pizza for New Year's Eve. Soooo it will have to wait until we all return back to school next week.
Wiiiiiiiiii, yes the Wii is going to help me achieve this goal of losing weight and getting in shape. For Christmas we recieve the Wii Fit and boy does it kick b_t t. Not to mention a good laugh when my family tries to do the hoola hoop. I have never been a jogger before but this thing has me jogging each day and desiring to do more, amazing.
Happy New Years and Happy Fitness.

Monday, December 22, 2008

No 2 are alike!

HEY ALL! We are sooo excited to see progress being made in our adoption process. We travel to RTP for our fingerprinting. Now we are in the waiting mode AGAIN. For Homeland Security to approve us. Then papers can finally start moving. You know, being sent to the right places in order to proceed with the adoption. Keep us in your prayers.

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