Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Dress

I couldn't help myself. I splurged! I have never been able to buy a dress for my daughter but TODAY I DID. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and I do shop for them. Notice for them, not with them! However, since we started this process I have envisioned buying dresses, girly dresses. But not knowing what size or age she would be I have had to resist. But once we got our pre-approval from China this week, that urge crept in so strong that I had to do it. I mean I dragged the boys with me, the urge was so strong. Yes they went into a children's clothing boutique while I shopped for a smocked dress for my daughter. I still don't know her size for sure since she is 32lbs and 39 inches tall all I could do was guesstimate. The lady at the store helped me guess though and we went for a size 4. She may be more of a 4T but she will have a long time in this dress then. I loved smocked dresses because they have no waist line and can be worn almost to the floor and can grow with the child til it just touches the knees. Take a look for yourself. Yes I bought blue, you would have thought I would have gotten pink but 1. there was no pink in her size smocked, 2. with blue, I can buy the boys matching clothes.


Don't get excited. This is a bad movie about adoption. The trailer portrays orphans in a very bad way. Read about it visit this sight.,0,13146\61.story


Yes we have Pre-Approval from China. They have pre-approved our dossier and our match with our daughter. But we are still a long way away. We now need Referral Approval! But that won't happen until we get things updated with USCIS since we originally applied for 0-4 years old and she will be 5 by the time we get there. But this is huge news anyway. Just another sign that she is our daughter and God is going before our path to get to her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mystery Meat

Now why they insist I cook, I wonder...... You saw the vomit post, now see the mystery meat. Hopefully the picture will say it all. It got worse before it was done. By the way, it is fried pork chops.

A Glimpse of God

Last night as we were reflecting on these blessings of having photographs of our daughter, my oldest son said I don't know if I could love another one as old as ______, but I know I love her. It was so sweet to hear how God has planted that seed in their hearts and cultivated a love for her already. So I shared that with them and how much God has placed a love in our hearts for her and we haven't even met her. Then my youngest one, we call him our "deep thinker" said, " just like God. We love Him yet we have never met Him." See what I mean, deep! And this is true, we love Him yet we have never met and and we lover her and we have never met her, but only God could place that kind of love in our hearts for a little girl we have never met.

More Blessings

As I mentioned earlier, I joined a yahoo group from our orphanage. I also mentioned that her best friend lives in a nearby state, well another friend also lives here in the good ole USA. That mom contacted via email this weekend and was able to email some more pictures. Prior to her travel to get her daughter she sent gifts to all the girls there and the orphanage did take pictures for her and I received some of those. Then the next month when she actually went to get her daughter she was one of the few that has had the opportunity to visit the orphanage and our little one was in the pictures too. Our little blessing was about 3 years old in those photos. We have been so blessed to have families send pictures to us. And we have been able to get photos of her at different ages. This is really a rarity in Chinese adoptions to get this blessing. Many orphanages don't allow pictures to be taken at all, I know Kunming doesn't allow it, so for us to have this is such a treasure. And we don't take any of this for granted. We just thank God for these little blessings.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Best Day Ever!

That is what my son said after his trip to the aquarium. The visited the touch pool where he held a starfish, conch, and a horseshoe crab. They went in the march and he caught a couple of shrimp with his net, toured the aquarium, had a picnic, went to the gift store and visited the wildlife sanctuary to see the alligators. But his favorite was the touch pool. He is tender hearted when it comes to animals. It is really sweet until.... I need to squash a bug or spider in my house!

Field Trip

My monkey and I went on a field trip Wednesday to the Aquarium. He said it was the best day this school year, even better than field day. They watched a presentation about sharks, went out to the march and he caught a couple of shrimp in his net, toured the aquarium, visited the wildlife sanctuary, had a picnic lunch, and he got to hold the sea life at the touch pool. At the end of the day he said his favorite thing was the touch pool. I just knew it would have been the trip to the march because my boy loves water and he loves mud, but when it was all over he really enjoyed the touch pool. He got to hold a starfish, a conch shell, and a horseshoe crab. I should have known that was his favorite if I stopped and thought about his personality. He is crazy over animals. But he is very tenderhearted about animals, he doesn't want any harm to come to them. But it's that tender heart that is hard to deal with when you want to squash a bug or spider!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More about HER & the most exciting information!

I don't think I have even shared where our daughter is from. Our daughter is in the Hunan Province in China. She is 4 1/2 and her birthday is July 23rd, 2004.

Since getting our referral I have found a group of families online that have also adopted from this particular ophanage. I posted her stats on the message board and a mother emailed me to ask if my daughter happened to be ____. So as soon as I got the message I immediately emailed back to say YES! It turns out that her daughter was best friends with my daughter. God is so good. And they live on the east coast too, about 3 states away. So there is the possibility of getting the girls together some day. She said her daughter has asked everyday when her friend was coming. And said she will be thrilled to know she has a forever family. So we are so excited to connect with this family. They have emailed pictures and now I have more pics of my baby. What more could you ask for at this point?

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rest of the Story...

This is how I knew for sure she was the one. The only feeling I had been having was just pure scared, scared I wasn't hearing God right, scared that we weren't making the right decision, just fear. On to the rest of the story...
After getting off the phone with the family coordinator at AWAA I left the family at the soccer park and headed home to get all of our daughters information coming via email. While driving I spent the entire trip talking on the phone with the doctor's answering service and the on-call office's office manager. I even spent time at home on the phone while printing out her info. It took so long on the phone because no one wanted to help me. Our pediatricians office wouldn't make themselves available to us after hours. (now I don't blame them, this is something can't make a habit of doing, but I really thought the doctor that we have had the longest relationship would certainly be there for us) Our office said force my way through the answering service and have them page one of them if it was their turn or visit the on-call office if it is a weekend time. Well that office was very rude, harsh, and not adoption friendly. By this time I am back in my car not sure what to do, but figure I can't leave the guys stranded at the soccer field, we had a CiC*'s P*zza celebration to go to afterwards. But before I totally give up, I called some friends that I know are prayer warriors and they began praying. As I am driving along, I notice that a doctors' office that I have not called, but is known to be friendly with the adoption community has 2 cars in front, so I swing my van into their lot, pull on the door, and it is open. I rush, I mean, walk to the desk and speak with the lady behind it and she goes to get a nurse. The nurse ask me why I am at their office and I explain, without bad mouthing another office, and sje says she will ask the doctor on duty. She comes back 5 minutes later to say the doctor will review it with me. I then fall apart, I start sobbing, you know, the heaving sobs that are uncontrollable. The doctor calls be back a little later and reviews her complete chart with me. I tell her how grateful I am that she took the time to do it and proceed to tell her that I know it was meant for her to do this. I honestly don't think that the other offices would have even known how to rationally look at her little chart and make any surmises. After I walked out of that office and got in my car, I knew then she was the one. Every fear I had just lifted right off of me. I was really more concerned with her age and not her health, but God used that doctor to take away every fear I had about this child. I knew then she was the one.
Then the rest of the day, for me, started. I met up with the family at the restaurant. They all had to hitch rides with various people and I met up there. I shared everything about her during lunch, to my hubby, and that I knew she was the one. From there I had to rush home and had to start on a whole new mountain of paperwork, but it will be so worth it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to know she is the one

After our referral last week, I was thinking what others must be thinking around us. How did they know she was the one? Well it was really very simple--- PRAYER WORKS. When we got our first referral for our daughter on Wednesday May 6th, we had 1 hour to really decide if we wanted to lock in on her. Since this was really our first time for doing this we were really very awkward at this. My husband got the call that afternoon and just politely told our family coordinator that it would be much later before we would get back with her since we had church and we never make it home before 9pm. She said ok. I was able to run home for about 20 minutes before meeting him for supper and the boys and I printed out all of her information. Of course that was the dinner talk. She was a little out of our age range, we weren't expecting a referral sooooo fast, and she has a special need. So we had so many things to discuss during dinner that we just couldn' t lock in without taking time to pray. We decided then we would go home and pray together as a family that God's will be done. After prayer time we felt God's leading to go forward with her and see what happens, only to find out the next morning that someone had already locked in on her. We were at peace either way. But our coordinator said if she comes back available after 48 hours do you want me to call so my husband said yes. Then as a family we gathered and prayed again that Thursday night. Our prayer was if she was the one God then after the other family's 48 hours were up she would come back available, if she was not the one then she wouldn't come back to us.
On Saturday morning, at the soccer field, our coordinator called with our 2nd referral to say she was available again did we want to lock in. I was so scared I was shaking. I called my husband out on the field and asked him what he thought, and he said what are you doing calling me, call back and lock in, we have already prayed about this. (I just wanted to be sure he was still comfortable with this). And this is what lead to the next 48 hours after locking in. A lot more answers to prayer confirming she was the one. I will finish the story another day......

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's a girl!!! We have our referral for our daughter. We can't share her picture yet, sorry. But I can share a little about her. She is 4 1/2 and has been in an orphanage since she was 2 days old. She seems to be a perfect fit for our family. She loves the outdoors and is extroverted. She loves dolls and stuffed animals. She can pick up a peanut with chopsticks -WOW, and she loves rice, noodles, both with strips of pork or tofu, bone soup. Yikes not sure what that is or how to fix it.
Boy we were totally caught off guard by this. Our dossier just left April 3rd for China and arrived at it's destination April 7th. We haven't even received our LID (log in date). We figured this would come months from now. We were not expecting to be matched so quickly. There is so much I would like to share about this past week. It was both an emotional and mental roller coaster and left me drained by Saturday night.
Because the referral came so much quicker than we expected, we are just not ready financially. We have been trying to finance our adoption through fundraisers and we still need 2/3 of it. Please pray for God's provision! Thanks.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I mean Shepherds' Pie. I recently fixed a roast with mashed potatos and the trimmings. The next day I decided I would use the left overs in a new recipe I have been wanting to try. The only problem was I didn't know where I saw that recipe and couldn't find it anywhere. So I just winged it, you know how your grandmother used to cook, by adding a pinch of this, a dash of that, a little of this and that. Voila, a perfect meal by grammy. But mine didn't turn out like grammy's. It looked like vomit, not my words, but the families. And to add to it, the next week, my son had to write about a meal at their house. You guessed it, my youngest wrote about the night his mom served vomit. Mind you he didn't try it so he doesn't know what he missed out on because the rest of the family said it tasted good, even if it looked like vomit.

Disclaimer, the inserted picture is not the vomit, it is Rachel Rays'.

Dossier Upday

Yes it did leave on the 3rd. I agency gave us a Fed*x tracking number and Iwas able to go online and track it. It arrived to its final destination on April 7th. YAY! Now just waiting on our LID. Long in date for those that don't know adoption slang.

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