Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Room Makeover!!

Yes we have done another room makeover. Now that the boys are roomies, we worked on our daughter's room. I know I am dying to reveal more information about her to you, but for now I can share a little bit of her room with you. I wish it were the finished product but right now Mt. Trashm*re is in the middle of her room. Not really, but there is furniture piled there and covered with plastic. But I can share with you her color. Yes, it is PINK! We have waited a long time to paint something other than "Carol*na Blue. And it is just beautiful and so peaceful in there, even with the mountain of stuff it is beautiful. I have posted some pics of the transformation and the color, hope you can see it ok.
As you can see my photos are in backwards order. From last to first!

It is an exciting time in the adoption world!

A friend of ours just got her referral TODAY. That means another orphan in the world will get a family. Just as God designed it for us to be adopted into His kingdom, it is His will that once we have been adopted, that we will in turn take care of the orphans as He takes care of us. For some that means praying for them, for some that may mean visiting, some it may mean financially as God has provided for you, and for some that means taking them into your home, your life, your family, and making them your own. So we celebrate that another orphan will soon come to her forever family. Somewhere in Russia a little China Doll is waiting for her mom and dad to come and get her, YAY Annalyse.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Extreme Room Makeover....

Extreme Room Makeover- we have made over the boys room. Where they once had their own rooms, they will now share a room to make space for our new addition. They are pretty excited about sharing a room, but I know that won't last. They know it has to be done, or one of them will have to sleep in the garage, which they don't want to do. So they will make it work. I must say it looks good in there. Yes it is "Carolina Blue." Their favorite! There has been some downsizing of clothes, books, toys, eletronics, and furniture in order to make this work. Really it has been put in the spare bedroom til we can have a yardsale. Then that room will be painted PINK to get ready for our daughter.

....... and for Swimmy!

Not only did the boys get a room make over, so did our fish Swimmy. Swimmy's tank has been cleaned and moved to a new shelf. Swimmy is the closest thing to a dog we have ever seen. We call him our puppy in a tank. He won't go to sleep until all the lights are out and he likes to dig in his rocks. We had finally trained him to stop digging in his rocks (not really) and then we went and did an extreme makeover in his tank. He had fnially gotten his rocks right where he wanted them and then we had to go and clean it. Now it will take him months to rearrange all those rocks again.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Confirmation

It is absolutely amazing to watch God's awesome hand at work in this adoption. We just never expected to be matched so quickly, it was really record breaking from what I have seen with other adoptions. I just wanted to tell you a small confirmations that God has allowed me to see. First, dh has been trying to get into a church close by to do a concert as one of our fundraisers. He does them for a love offering. This particular church, the pastor is an acquaintance, and we expected him to call back in a timely manner but he didn't call. Last night we were discussing our disappointment in this when we ran into him at the movies. He came right over and said he was planning to call. What an answer to prayer!
There are seemingly constant confirmations of God's hand in this adoption, that I just am amazed all the time. So many so that I can't even thing of them. So I have decided to start a journal just so that I can keep track of all of these treasures from God. Then when one comes to mind I can just record it and have it always as a reminder of His provisions. God has big plans for this little girl. I just can't wait to see it all unfold.

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