Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ad*ption Necklace

Isn't this awesome. It is an ad*ption necklace and each item has meaning specific to ones adoption. This one is mine. First you see the red looking bead on the left and it is a ladybug. There is a Chinese adoption myth is that ladybugs are a sign of good luck and it is said if you see a ladybug your referral will be coming very soon. Underneath that is a pearl with a mustard seed on the bottom tip and mustard seeds are mentioned a couple of times in the Bible. In Matthew Jesus talks about having faith as small as a mustard seed and you can move mountains. And let me tell you God has moved mountains in this adoption and it is just amazing to watch all that God is doing. The next item is a charm and one one side is a map of her province, Hunan. On around from that is a Chinese coin and up above that is another charm and that has Chinese style painting on it. The charm has a fish painted on it.
I have a friend that makes this necklace and she sells her jewelry. Her jewelry is beautiful and I must say is just my style. One particular item she makes is adoption necklaces. I think it is an awesome idea since each is made for your specific adoption. If you are interested you can reach her at website "Gems for glory. At her site I don't see this particular necklace but if you contact her and tell her what you want and where you saw it she will know what you are wanting. Plus her profits benefit her adoption.

Makeover Contintues

We have been at it some more. We managed to get some navy curtains hung in the boys room over their window. And we have put curtains up in Wen Li's room, yes that is her name, not her full name but it is her name. Her curtains weren't so simple. They didn' t come ready to hang. There are little rings down 4 columns on the back of the panel. You are suppose to pull a string and they pull up and have the balloon affect. No strings attached!!! So I had to decide, do I put it all the effort to make them work or just return them to T*rget. They are so cute though that I had to really try and make them work and I am so glad I did. They are way to cute. And she has a pillow to match. I love the Sh*bby Ch*c line at T*rget.
Next you see a future project. I want to repaint the boys chairs and rocker to look more girly, sailboats just don't fit into the theme. But I can only get to one chair and the rocker is in the attic I hope. So once I can get them all together I am going to prime them and repaint the chairs and then I want some pink and brown toile to make cushions and bows for the chairs.
And last you see her name on the wall, that is my last project that actually has been completed. I hung her name with pink gingham bows attached. They will hang over her bed once that arrives. A friend is fixing up a headboard for us and we will have to break down and buy a mattress set for her.

About Me

I am a pastor's wife and the mother of 3 active children. Two boys and a daughter from China. We live on the East Coast and enjoy the beach.