Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RA has arrived!!!!!!!!

Yes we have our Referral Acceptance. It came on Tuesday, August 11th and 4:32pm. Our travel coordinator with our agency, AWAA, called that afternoon to tell me that our RA had come in at 4pm. She said our family coordinator was not in and that was why she was doing the calling. It was exciting news to finally have our RA. It means a lot of things. It means that we can post her picture now and we can start working toward traveling.

Now that means a lot of scurring around this place. We had not finished the divider in the garage where we are creating a den, we needed to purchase some shelving ( I have stuff sitting all over my house from the garage at this time), lots of painting to do, and fixing up her room. We have paint and curtains in there and that is about it.

Now on to the exciting stuff. Her name in the orphanage is Ning Wen Li. She is called Wen Li and Ning would be her surname. All the children there have the Ning surname. We will keep the Wen Li part since that is what she has been called for 5 years of her life, but we are adding an American name to it also. For now we think it will be Gracyn Wen Li Driggs. But you know, women are prone to changing their minds and I may do that if I see a name I fall in love with, but we still want a form of "Grace" in her name.

We have grown to love her so much and yet we haven't even met her. But I have chatted online with families that have met her. They have even been kind enough to send me pictures of her and they are worth a million dollars to have those pictures from her life.

And finally I will end with one more fundraiser. My husband will be singing at a local church for a love offering, so pray it goes well.

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