Friday, September 25, 2009

Prayer Request

We are up for a grant with a foundation that gives grants to families adopting. This is huge, we could really use the money to help with travel expenses. We applied for 6-8 grants and we were turned down by all but this one. I honestly thought we had been turned down by all of them but they requested updated info about 3 weeks ago and now they are asking for more info. So pray that they will bless us with a grant to help cover travel expenses.

Not TA Still

Yup that's true. No TA and our TC says it looks like we will travel October 22nd now instead of the 8th. But it is really fine with our family. The boys didn't want to miss soccer tournaments and I am still pushing to get my sub plans done and fined tuned. So really we are at peace with whatever date we travel. We would love to travel sooner but God is in control.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NO TA Yet!

Still waiting on our TA so that we can travel but nothing today. I did talk with our travel coordinator and she was still hopeful that it will come tomorrow for the October 8th travel group but.... not so sure now. I spoke with (via email) a travel buddy and she got her TA last Friday for the 8th but then she heard today that the consulate appointments are full and that she may not travel due to that unless the agency can get her family an individual appointment rather than with the travel group. But she said she thought this affected more families than just hers. So now I am not as hopeful that we will travel on the 8th after all. I guess it is the not knowing that is one of the hardest things. But the waiting thing has really been a part of my life for the last year and seven months. We have done nothing but wait, that is what is involved with adoption, waiting waiting waiting. I am not complaining at all about the waiting. I did in the beginning but God has really taught me to wait and do it without complaining. His plan is perfect and He has it all worked out. But... must make arrangements at home so I still need a heads up if we are going on the 8th. But if we don't then my kids don't miss out on so many things. My oldest won't miss out on his soccer tournament, the youngest doesn't miss out on a field trip, and the both get to attend the fall carnival at school (only the biggest event of the school year by far). So going later fulfills the desires of their little hearts.
If we don't travel on the 8th, the next travel group is October 22nd.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Can Make a Rainbow?

God can make the most beautiful rainbows. First the storm or rain and then the rainbow. We have had the remnants for "Fred" moving through for the last 12 hours and we have had downpours. But this evening out came the most beautiful and bright rainbow. Hopefully you can see it in the picture.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fw: This is a test

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I am attempting to post messages from email in case blogger doesn't work in China.
Crossing my fingers that I have figured it out the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am getting so excited. I spent my Sunday afternoon wrapping gifts. I know it looks like a lot, but really it was not too expensive. I have to have 3 gifts for orphanage caregivers and 3 for the court date. I have a couple extra like for our guides and a couple extra for anyone else that may pop up that I was not prepared for, so I have made sure we got everyone covered. The biggest problem was finding things not "made in Chin*. I found soaps at Cr*cker B*rrel made in the US*, I found silver box chain necklaces very reasonable and they don't say where they are made so I feel safe with that, peanuts picked and packed here, seashell keychains, and a little coastal treat- S*lt Water Taffy. I hope we can manage to pack and carry it all. The small items I hope to put in my carry-ons but the taffy, not too sure about that.
Now praying on TA to come this week!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Adoption News

The latest news is.... there is no news. Our agency believes we will be in the travel group for October 8th, but right now we are waiting on our TA from China. That is only 3 weeks away and I am getting a little nervous that our TA hasn't come, but God is in control. His timing is perfect and when He thinks it s the best timing for our gotcha day, then that is when we will get her. It is so nice to have a God that you can trust in that He has everything under control Even when we don't understand we can trust that He has it all under control.

Painting for Wen Li

Here is a painting that I have attempted to do for Wen Li's room. It's the thought that counts right.

More Bedroom Photos

As promised more photos of Wen Li's bedroom. Notice the pink! Enjoy.

Wen Li's doll collection

Here is Wen Li's newest doll. A friend, that is also adopting, gave Wen Li this little chinese baby doll. She cute and will just the right size for her carry around, and dressed in PINK.

And another baby doll

Here is a doll baby from a sweet friend that moved to Singapore this year. When she came back for a visit she brought Wen Li this precious doll. She even has a baby on her back. Attached to her was a passport and inside it has her photo and her name "Chinese Ruby." She looks just like Wen Li.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Her Bedroom

It is about finished. We have put Wen Li's bed together tonight. There is really no theme to the room other than PINK!! Pink walls, pink dust ruffle, pink sheets, dolls dressed in pink, and pink clothes. Just decided to see what she likes and let that be the theme that ends up in her room. In the mean time enjoy the 1 pic I have downloaded, sorry both cameras died and that is all I could get at this time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adoption Sunday

It is coming up soon. November 8th. In the past we have not paid much attention to it. But when God leads you to adopt, He teaches you, I mean really teaches you how He feels about orphans. I challenge you to dig into His word and learn more about the heart of God.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Waiting...

No pictures today. We are in wait mode. Waiting on our TA. In the meantime I am trying to get us ready for travel. But somethings are just too much up in the air for me. I don't know the regulations on travel, you know for shampoo, medicines etc. I also am unsure of how many gifts I need to take to China. And then the biggie, luggage. I have a nice new piece of luggage, but the rest the family, well trash bags I guess. I am sure it will come together, but I just have to have someone hold my hand and walk me through things sometimes. Life gets full and my mind gets bogged down.
I did accomplish some things today though. I bought Salt Water Taffy as some gifts to take, since we live at the coast AND it is not "made in Chin*". I bought 4 silver necklaces too. I hope that is enough. But I still don't know what to get for the director, it's a male. ??? Maybe it will come to me soon, hopefully before we leave.

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