Monday, October 26, 2009


The school that I work at gave me and a co-worker a shower today. Our little ladybug got some cute things. We got some PJ's and a gown, a cute hot pink ski vest with a fur hood on it, a sweet soft pink hat and scarf, a dress, some shirts, socks, bangles, bows, a frame, a K*i Lan game set, and my favorite -T*rget gift cards. You would think I would have already spent them, but no. I am being frugal and seeing what is really needed once she gets home with us. Since I am not 100% sure of her size or her likes and dislikes, I have decided to wait. Unless..... I get that cute Sh*bby Chic chandalier they have to match her bedroom, well then maybe...

I was able to grab a few shots of the party before we started unwrapping the gifts. It was really fun. My co-workers are the best. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Dolls and Packing

Today I had to switch over the boys clothes. It is cold here. A low of 42 and a high of 53, brrrr. Yes I know I am a wimp, our whole family is. To us this is cold, I miss my 90 degree days but Miami has found them. They were 92 today while I shivered. Along with switching over the clothes I decided to do some packing. One thing lead to another, was putting away summer stuff and realized that I had to leave stuff out for China and not wanting it to just sit around I went on and rolled them and packed them into their suitcases.
Also I have been following a friends blog that is in Russia right now getting their daughter. She was telling about all the fun they were having with her and her babydoll. They were dressing and undressing her doll and trying on different outfits on the doll. She commented that she remembered that was the best part of playing dolls. That got me thinking, yes that was the best part so I set out today and found 2 little outfits that will fit her little Asian doll. So we can play dress up the doll too.
In addition, I have been looking for a doll bed to put in her room. You know those things are quite expensive if you get a wooden one. I finally found one on a local yardsale sight and I shared about my find to church friends on Saturday night and imagine my surprise when one of them brought me a wooden doll cradle Sunday morning. And it is great shape, better than the one I found on the yardsale sight. And her bigger Asian doll looks perfecct in it

Friday, October 16, 2009

Did you know He is the God of Time?

Have you ever thought about it in those terms. Not me til today. You know you hear the saying that "Either He is Lord of all or He is not Lord at all". And we all say it. And throughout all of this adoption journey my prayer has been Lord I will trust you every time there has been a bump in the road. And whenever we have had a bump in the road that has usually cost us money I pray Lord I will not worry about it, it's all your money anyway, not mine. But now this waiting on the TA -note to those not up on their adoption lingo- that is travel approval --- has been so hard. The not knowing when is the hardest. Hard to make plans for last minute things that need to be done like a trip to the orthopaedist for a cortisone (sp?) shot in my foot so that I can climb The Great Wall and it needs to be a week before I leave. Anyway back to the point. I was thinking today, you know God everything is in your time, but then it really, I mean really hit me, He is Lord of Time. He is Lord of everything isn't He? Even time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Good News

Yes more good news. Still no TA. But I got an update today from Ladybugs and Love from above. They were great. They called the orphanage and got updated pictures and sizes for me. Isn't she just beautiful. It makes us just swoon for her. Looking at this pic I thought man she has grown and her clothes I bought will not fit her but when I looked at her measurements, well I think we will be just fine. Plus as a bonus I got to ask a few questions about her and let me tell you she is her mama's girl. She is scared of darkness, roaches, and worms; and she sleeps with a doll. Her mama's girl she is. Her favorite foods, well this is where we part ways, is of course rice at every meal, but she also likes pig livers, fish, and bean curd. Not one of my favorites, I mean as far from me as you can get, but she is definitely like her oldest brother, he'll try anything, the more exotic the better. That boy is bound to have a job that requires travel to places with different foods. He ate gator this summer and once I had a Korean student that invited us over for a party and J tried everything unidentifiable food, and liked it. So he and his sister will get along fine when it comes to fine dining. Oh and it said she is shy when she meets stranges and can be obstinate. Wonder who she takes after with that.... I wonder.

Now if that TA would just come in!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grants are Wonderful

We have just learned that we got a grant!!!!!!!!!!! After having been turned down by every grant we applied for, we just learned that we have been approved for one. YAY, it will help so much with our travel expenses. I honestly thought we had been turned down by every grant we had applied for so I was so shocked when this one called about a month ago wanting more information or updated information from us. (we had others do this too, so I really didn't get too excited, just surprised since I thought we'd been turned down by all) Then they called back about 2 weeks ago for more information. Still didn't get my hopes up since... you know the song and dance. But today, elation, we were not turned down!! Only God can open doors when all seemed closed. This is just more confirmation that it is in God's will that we take the boys, because that was such a big additional cost. But we felt the boys really needed to be there for this, after all she is coming into their family too, and the fact that I think they will help put her at ease. Kids just love other kids being around!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn Festival and Mooncakes

Yes it is fall festival time.  Not only here in the USA but also in China.  I usually love a festival, all the fun and candy, but not this year.   Because they are in the midst of their Autumn Festival, CCAA is closed.  That means, no TA even possible til the festival is over.  Hopefully we will hear something Friday or next week.  Not only do we need TA though, we also need a consulate appointment too.  Once we have both, then we can travel!!  The roller coaster throughout the process has been the easy part.  This waiting now is the hardest part of all.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adoption News

Again no new news. China is closed for a holiday and won't reopen til next week one day. So the earliest we can hear from them would be Friday. Please pray our TA and consulate appointment comes in. Getting anxious here. But glad to get those last minute projects done before she comes home. Keep praying!!!

Another Room Makeover

Yes yet another room makeover. This time it was the kids bathroom. It hasn't been touched since the day we moved in, just hung some knick knacks and that was it. But recently the kids pulled down their towel rack, so we hung up 2 hooks, but they pulled them down too. So then it was time to really do something. This weekend after attending soccer games, I came home and painted the bathroom and then we bought and hung a new towel rack. Since we have to have 3 kids (SOON I HOPE) hang towels in there, we needed something to accomodate all 3 of them. We got this nifty board with 5 hooks on it and bought a matching hook for the hand towel. And that was all we did, hung up the same on shower curtain and cleaned it and now I love it, better than mine. I love the hooks so much I am going to change mine out one day. But not anytime soon. Maybe after we get a little girl home.

Our Curious George

Yes this is my own monkey. He has never met a climbing wall he doesn't like. He got awfully quiet one this week and I went off to search for him. As I was passing the linen closet going into his room, I hear this "hi mom." And there he was in the linen closet playing Nint*ndo. "Can I sleep here tonight? Uh NO!"

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