Thursday, December 16, 2010

Famous Quotes from The Queen

So I have dedicated this new year on the blog to tracking her sayings, well because they are just too funny and I don't want to forget them.

Like last night, at around 9pm while driving home from church, she looked out the car window and said, "I see a rainbow in my eye." It was pitch dark!!!!

And on Tuesday she managed to sneak her after school snack out of her book bag and into her desk. And then proceeded to eat said snack. And she was caught red handed, I mean her mouth was full. The teacher, who is also know a The Queen,(which we will call Queen Bee) had this conversation.
Queen Bee: what do you have in your mouth?
Queenie: bbrbrbrbbbb
Queen Bee: I can't understand you with your mouth full. What are you eating?
Queenie: nooo bbrbrbrbb
Queen Bee: I can see it in your mouth, swallow it and don't eat anymore.
Queenie: gulp! I not eating anything.
Queen Bee: I could see it. Let's stop.
(it was a store bought rice crispy treat)

And then the day before she had said conversation with Queen Bee.
Queen Bee: Queenie take your feet out of your desk. (fyi: she has the table top desk where you store books under the table top)
Queenie: my feet aren't in my desk
Queen Bee: uhhh yes they are and you are sharing/baring it all for everyone to see.
Queenie: no I not.
Queen Bee: Queenie just put your feet on the floor.
Queenie: yes ma'am

See what I mean. She is too funny and she doesn't even try.

And this is our conversation at bedtime on Tuesday night. Same night as the Rice Crispy Treat.
Queenie: I don't want no one to put me to bed tonight.
Royal Parents: you don't want either of us to tuck you in?
Queenie: No!
RP: well let's pray.
Queenie, hhhmp, ok
RP: (pray) goodnight, give us a kiss.
Queenie kisses everyone and exits scene and goes 0ff to bed.
Queenie returns.
Queenie: no one put me to bed!!
RP: you said you didn't want anyone to put you to bed.
Queenie: no I didn't
RP: do you want someone to tuck you in?
Queenie: yes!
Royal mommy tucks her in and kisses her goodnight.

Life with a queen can be so demanding. All you can do at the end of the day is laugh.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes that has been us, missing in action. I haven't been posting as much but decided I need to get back to it. But instead of focusing on our day-to-day life I am going to focus on "Life with an English Language Learner." Because y'all it is just too funny. And can be quite sweet too.

This past week she told me, "I want to be you mommy." Now isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard. And last week she asked me why we named her "Gracyn" and I explained about giving her an American name to go with her Chinese name and she responded I want it to be "mom." Sweet sweet sweet!!! And maybe one day it will be.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the official first day of school for the kids. They did awesome. The oldest went along just fine, the middle one went in all smiles (his best friend is in his room this year) and The Queen went in surprsingly well. She totally shocked me. Once she learned what summer break was all about she decided she liked it and didn't want to go back to school. When she visited on Tuesday she went in all pouty. But today she went in with no qualms. She wasn't clingy. No tears. Was just so natural. I think the biggest trauma was back in Dec/Jan. when her whole world was turned upside down. For her this was a piece of cake. Plus it helped that she loves this teacher and that she had a lot of her friends in her class. Now praying the school year goes well.

We have been teaching her about God and Jesus. That Jesus lives in our hearts if you have confessed him as Lord, invited him in to your life, and confess your sins daily. The Queen really grasp more of that we can hardly believe. We have also been working on creation and how God created the universe. Well something quite comical happened this week. On Tuesday I went back to work and grandma had the kids. While they out and about, The Queen had to potty so her brother took her and stayed outside the door. When done she came out running and crying/screaming. So that night we were discussing the event and her other brother explained that she shouldn't be scared because God is with her, He is everywhere. To which quickly covered her body with her hands and scrunched her face at the thought of God seeing her go potty and that he could see her peeku (Chinese for bottom). Enough said, we fell out laughing and she had no idea why.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changsha Revisted

Here is one of my favorite pics from Changsha, the capitol of Hunan. That is The Queen's province. This is Changsha Park and is was huge, I forget how many acres like a hundred or some big number. We couldn't even walk through it all. As we were strolling through we found this beautiful bridge, just like out of pictures of China. So I had to walk across it, but The Queen wasn't budging. She was so frightened of water other than the tub. She was not going across that thing, and it can look scary if you are afraid of water because there was no sides, but when we got to another bridge, she wasn't budging either and it was big and had a high railing on it. So I talked with the guide, Mamie, and told her to please let her know we would never let any harm come to her. I don't know what she said to her, but the Queen took my hand and walked across all bridges and even fed some fish without any concerns. And she has trusted us ever since.

And now she swims like a fish and this past week she started jumping off from the side of the pool and doing flips into the pool. I was stunned. This is something she started all on her own. We are amazed at how far she has come. How well she fits in with our lifestyle. And how much she trust us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Queen

Yes it is the Queen's birthday. Today we celebrate her 6th birthday as a family. From what we understand she has never had a birthday cake or a birthday present. She has watched the others in her orphanage receive cakes &/or presents. But she has never had one. After being home 2-3 months she started asking aout her birthday like when was it etc. She would take my AWAA calendar down and had me teach her which month was her birthday on and she would flip it open to July and tuck it under her arm and carry it around and talk to everyone about that being her birthday. Then last month we celebrated one of her brother's birthday at Red*Robin and she decided that was what she wanted to do also. She thought their birthday song was soooo pretty. But we knew she just had no idea what to ask for for a birthday celebration so we just took it upon ourselves to plan something. Unfortunately the date snuck up on us while having to tend to her other brother that got his tonsils out 2 weeks ago. But we planned something quickly and now we will celebrate tonight at Chuck**E**Cheeses's. And this is her birthday wish list: a pretty pretty dress, a new cell phone that doesn't go dink dink, ie a real one that doesn't sound like a toy phone, and maybe a barbie. Well the phone isn't happening. She has a couple of play phones and that is as far as it will go. When asked who she would call: mommy and daddy. Go figure, who else. I was afraid she would try to call China. She pretends to call them but now when she does she speaks Chinglish. So one day I told her they don't understand English that she had to talk in Chinese to them. She hasn't called them anymore, lol. But she still sings in Chinglish. Mostly Chinese with some English words thrown in.
Happy Birthday to our special daughter. We love her.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday anticipation

Friday is a big day for some little girl. She is sooooo excited. She has no idea what to expect beyond you should have a cake and presents. Oh and all she has asked for is a cell phone, a real one, not one that goes dink dink dink (like the play one does). We ask her who she is going to call on it and she says mama and daddy.
This week we booked her party for Chuck*E*Cheeses*. She is clueless, never been there. We ate at Cracker**Barrel this past week and she was looking at the girly stuff for sale and said is this my birthday party. So sad. But she will get to have her first real party and know what it is like and how it feels on Friday the 23rd. Oh and she has never been to Chuckies so that will be new too.
She is improving with her swimming all the time. Hates working on ABC stuff, but has learned that she must do it or miss her favorite teenage show-- iC*rly.
She loves taunting her bigger brothers and they love taunting her, just like siblings like to do everywhere, all over the world.
Oh and she has decided she is not going back to school. That she will just stay home when the rest of us return to school. When asked how she would spend her time... watching tv and playing. She will have to be sad though because life is life and she must join us out there. But it makes me happy to know she enjoys her home and being here with us.

Sorry no pics. Computer issues when it comes to that right now.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Pictures will be added later.

We have had a lot of fun this summer so far. Last week the Queen experienced her first Vacation Bible School. She had a blast. She looked forward to the chaos every night. We have also gone to the beach, the pool, and back to the beach. She loves it all. And now this week we have celebrated another birthday. Our oldest has become a teenager. UGGGG!!!!! But we are proud of him, he keeps his grades up and is so much fun. For his celebration we went to C.Beach water front amusement park. The kids had a blast and we can't believe how much the Queen loves the fast rides. She acted bored on the train. Cracked us up. But she never tired of the merry-go-round. And then over to our favorite ice cream shop.
And then next week he gets his tonsils out. So more ice cream here we come. All of them will want them out I am afraid when they see all the ice cream he gets.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

Celebrating her brothers birthday at the bowling alley and showing her funny
face instead of her pretty smile. The smile that cracks us up.

Here's the funny face at the restaurant.

The Queen showing off her bowling abilities. She is quite good at it.

And her funny face with her baba in the shot.

The Queen showing off her swimming abilities.
So much has happened in the last week that I have just uploaded some images in no set order and just going to say it all at once.
First The Queen went swimming last weekend and this weekend and after only 2 trips to a pool she has learned to swim. She really amazes. In Changsha we took her to the indoor hotel pool, only to watch the boy swim. However, she didn't know we were only going to watch and when she saw her brothers jump right into the pool she booked it the other way. She dashed out of there so fast I almost didn't make it in time before she reached the elevators. She was not afraid of baths though. Then later that week we went to the local park and she freaked out when went to walk across a small bridge. So I had the guide explain to her that we would never put her in harms way around water or make her do something she wouldn't want to do. I have no idea what the guide said to her but se has never been scared since and has trusted us totally. That day when we crossed the next bridge she held my hand and acted totally unafraid. But when we took her to a pool, well we didn't know what to expect. We put her in one of those bathing suits that has floats in the waist line. We also put on her arm band swimmies. She was good to go. Within 5 minutes of hitting the pool, she was climbing out and jumping into our arms. Then this weekend she took off in the pool kicking her feet and scooping her hands. She swam the whole length of the pool with no problem. She is still skiddish, but that is expected, but her trust in us amazing. I think what it will take is being in a pool consistently and she will get this swimming thing.
We also celebrated my youngest son's birthday, her older brother. First we went to the bowling alley and bowled then we went to his favorite restaurant - Red*Robin. And opened presents there. As you can see her the shots above, she has become quite the character with her funny faces. This funny face is our favorite and it cracks us up. So she likes to do that one for us. I, of course, was not wanting it in ALL of our shots, lol. But I have to say she was a really good sport about his birthday. She has been dying for her birthday to come for months now. She has never celebrated her birthday in China. She has witness her other friends in the orphanage celebrate their birthdays and have cake and presents but she has not because the orphanage doesn't do that. The only way you can have a party is if your adoptive family sends you a cake and present. So The Queen has never had a party or cake of her own. When she finally learned some English she started asking for her birthday so I showed her on our AWAA calendar the month that her birthday is in. After that she has carried that calendar around under her arm and pointing to that month and confirms with me again that that is her birthday. She has asked for a cell phone, a barbie, polish and lip gloss, and dress up clothes. Her request are not too hard all but the cell phone, she wants a REAL one. She is really very sweet about it all, and she was very sweet to her brother about his birthday so we are looking forward to celebrating her birthday too next month.
And lastly we had our 6 month post placement yesterday. It all went very well. I had warned the Queen prior to our appointment that someone was coming to see us and they were coming to make sure everything was going well since she came to live with us. The Queen slipped back into the very shy mode that we saw in China, but I just attributed it to a stranger being in our home. But then something happened today... The Queen went out into the den to see her brother. She never came back so I thought she was hanging with him. But a few minutes later he hollered for me to come, something was wrong, he thought she was hurt because she was crying but he didn't know for sure what was wrong. When I got there she had big tears running down her face, just sitting in the floor crying. So I scooped her into my lap and asked what was wrong. She had just tripped on the door frame and was really ok. But what got me was her silent tears streaming down, like when we first got her. So I held her and she got better. But what struck me was her relaps of behavior. And then after we parents talked we realized the social worker visit may have brought this on. So I talked with her and asked if she was afraid that the woman was going to take her back to China and she lowered her head and shook it "yes." So that was what brought on her relaps. She was afraid the woman was taking her away from us. And she said she didn't want to go. So I assured her that she would never go back to China unless mama, baba took her. Then she said, "mama, baba's heart hurt." "Yes my heart would hurt." And then she said, "mama call police and they shoot." "Yes if someone took you from us we would call the police." And now we have a little girl back. Squealing to the top of her lungs through the house antagonizing her brothers, our house is back to normal.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Queen Graduates and Other Changes in store

Our little mouse in her program "Arkeology."
And this is the face that cracked is up. She was the funniest thing through out the entire play. The kids dressed a animals and came in 2 x 2. She was a mouse. But she was more into her hair and looking at us. She even got upset that her brother was sitting in the audience and chewing gum without her. That was the first words she said when we caught up with her. She even manage to pout while singing about the gum fiasco. And she spent one whole song fixing her hair. She is such a teenager or a diva. While everyone else was concerned about their performance or finding their parents in the audience, she knew where we were and concerned with missing out on what we had. She cracked us up so much til we cried. I mean the tears were streaming down our face. We cried so much ( and muffled our laughing) that the people around us thought something was wrong and asked if we were alright. I am serious. We lost it. I guess because we were expected to be quiet.
This is the graduate in her cap and gown. Little fuzzy but everything was happening fast. Isn't she cute in her cap and gown. We are so proud of her and how far she has come with all the new things she has had to learn. She is amazing.

For her graduation program, her baba and ge ge couldn't be there because he had a ball game. So they met her at the car, picked her up and had her close her eyes and presented her with flowers and a balloon. She was in total shock. She didn't know how to react. She had that hidden smile like I can't show you how happy I am. And shortly after she pointed at them and said her teacher's name. I told her no, they were flowers for her. And then the sweetest grin came on her face and she got up on the table to sniff them and pose with them. She loved them at that point. She had never been given flowers.
This is the queen's award given by her teacher today on the last day of school. She got "It's a Whole New World" for all the changes she has experienced and how well she has adjusted at school. It has been amazing. Everyone cried when she got her award including her teacher, her mommy, and all the other parents and even some of the other kids stood and applauded. They love her so much in there.
Look at the queen's new hair cut. She looks just like a China Doll. Her haircut is sooooo cute. It just needed some shaping up since growing out and I decided to give her some bangs. She looks adorable. And it was her first haircut since she came to be with her forever family. She went from looking 5 to looking 12 years old in a matter of minutes. And she sat wonderfully for my hair dresser to cut her hair. I think she has secretly been wanting a
haircut when I get mine done and well today she finally got one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Queen Visits The Pond

Yup the Queen put her big toe and her whole body in the Atlantic Ocean this weekend. On Memorial Day we took the kids to the beach to dig in the sand but it was actually warm enough to get in the water. The Queen loves the beach. She has been before, but not out into the ocean, til this trip. She squealed with delight, I mean the ear drum bursting squeals. She loved it. And when she wasn't in the water she was digging in the sand and dragging water up in her buckets. She is delightful at the beach. And we are so glad because we spend a lot of time there in the summer. It was one of my biggest concerns that she would not like the sand and have a fit. Many kids don't like sand and can't stand it sticking to them or their bathing suit. But she is a sport and goes along with anything we like. She doesn't mind interjecting her opinions from time to time but all in all she goes along with things just fine. And with her loving the beach that suits us just fine.
Some more updates. She graduates from kindergarten this Thursday. She will be a mouse in their little play. The last day of school for my kids in Friday and next Friday for me.
We have had sickness rampant in our house for the last 3 weeks. It has been various symptoms but they have visited us all in the last 3 weeks. Just hoping school ends soon so we can get some good sleep and hopefully get well ALL of us.
The Queen even was put on an inhaler during her bought of sickness, but she seems the healthiest she's been since we got her. And the funny thing is they gave her a breathing treatment at the doctors' office and she knew what to do. Anyway she is doing great now.
But the boys have really battled with us too as have the parents. We were all asleep by 9pm last night. Amazing being the last week of school.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here is how we celebrated Mother's Day eve. Actually in China it would already be considered Sunday which was our Mother's Day. We celebrated this time with Chinese food and cupcakes in honor and love of the Queen's birthmom and nannies that she called Nu mama, Te mama, Ho mama, Ge mama. But Nu mama was the main care giver for our Queen.
After finishing our chinese meal, we spent some time praying for The Queen's birthmom and nannies. The queen was very sweet during this moment, trying to pray for them. We all took a turn to pray something. We realize at this moment she doesn't understand all of it, but we know in time these questions will be asked and we wanted to show honor and love to her birth mom. So when she is ready, the seeds will be planted.
After having our Mother's Day remembrance for The Queen's birthmom and orphanage nannies that she refers to a mamas. We ended our time with cupcakes as a celebration. The Queen loved it because she got to blow out a candle.
Aren't my 3 children beautiful. I was able to drag out for a quick photo before everyone changed for a MD lunch. It has been a wonderful day. And it is hard to believe that one year ago this holiday we received our referral for the Queen on Mother's Day weekend. It is hard to believe that one year later she was here with us to celebrate this day. A lot has happened in a year. We celebrated this mama's birthday with cards, breakfast, and lunch out to eat. Then it was home to the demands of life. It was a good Mother's Day, I had 3 of my kids with me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fifth Month Anniversay and so much more....

We had to say goodbye to our beloved "Swimmy". We loved that fish. He was just a goldfish and he was awesome. For a goldfish he was huge, like he ate nuclear waste or something. We will miss him. But he was replaced today with 5 new small fish. Hoping at least one of them will survive.

Here is the oldest ge ge playing soccer. Today was his last soccer game for the season. Sorry I had to miss it since the Queen had to visit the doctor (see below). Isn't he handsome? He had a great season and a great coach. He is growing up too fast for me though, hard to believe he finishes 7th grade in just a month.

It is hard to believe it has only been 5 months. Feels like she has been with always. We are sorry we missed those early years, but better late than never. These 5 months have been wonderful and she has grown in so many ways. Her English has come along wonderfully, she has adapted so well at home, at school, at church, and in public. And she has experienced so much of just everyday life. She goes to school like every other 5 year old. She has gone to 2 different birthday parties, and this week she has experienced death. The death of our beloved fish, Swimmy. Turns out she has experienced a fish death in ChangNing, she ran to the toilet to flush it AHEAD of us, so she knew what to do.

I snapped these pictures of her after the party, she had to wear a dress to it! YUP my girly girl. And to celebrate her 5th anniversary I let her do the V victory sign that is so popular in photos snapped in China??? Don't know the reasoning behind it.

We also spent her 5 month anniversary at the doctor's office. She has had a cough since we got her and a runny nose. It only gets better when we put her on antibiotics but two weeks later it returns. This week though it seemed to get worse and sound more croupy. So I got her up this Saturday morning and ran her in so we could get some meds and get over it. But I was totally not ready for what the doctor found. After listening with that stethoscope she could hear some wheezing, but had to use the stethy thing to detect it. So we had to do a breathing treatment in the office and then she listened and said it sounded a little better so she sent us home with some prescriptions that totaled over $100 bucks. We are praying that this helps and it all gets under control and that there is no underlying problem. And hoping she gets the hang of this inhaler down. And hoping this cough gets under control. Since we can't hear the wheezing, we have to judge her breathing by her coughing episodes. And hoping the nose stops running. I am thankful though that we have a great doctor that was very aware and not passive with her. We could have gone on and on and not gotten to the bottom of this for awhile. And I learned something knew today our queen. While she was taking her breathing treatment, I noticed she looked natural at it, not nervous at all. So I asked if she had done this in China, and she said yes but pointed to the apparatus and said it was smaller. That was news to us!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baseball, Gymnastics, and Bling*Bling

Here is my little baseball player, #2. He played a great game tonight. While the queen was swinging off the fence, he was able to assist in a couple of outs, and he hit a ball to outfield and brought in a couple of players, plus he scored a run too. So we took the family out for Micky D's ice cream/shakes for a mini celebration.

Isn't just the cutest?
The Queen finished off a 3 week gymnastics blitz at her school. This very sweet couple of the church offered gymnastics classes, 3 days a week, as a ministry. It was great experience for her. When we first got her, her balance was so off. She couldn't even walk on carpet without looking drunk. And she really struggled whenever we changed surfaces. So I have always wanted to put her in gymnastics once I felt she was assimilated. But then someone told me the cost of gymnastics and well..... So we are so grateful that the Queen got to have these 3 weeks. She has learned the proper way to tumble and do handstands, it has been good for her. And as you see above she is working on a tripod with some friends and up above that she has now ventured into climbing with some friends at the ballpark and hanging off the fence.
Our little queen loves her "bling*bling. Notice 3 bracelets, 1 long double looped necklace, her earrings, but mostly those rings, that big honking door knob ring. And she wears them proud. At least she is now into matching her bling with her outfits, finally! For baseball tonight, she changed into her green sundress and wore this bling to the ballgame. She was the best dressed one in the whole ballpark.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Queen had another round of booster vaccines yesterday. The Queen is terrified of shots but what child isn't? And yesterday was no different, or was it? When we arrived at the doctor's office she asked immediately if she was getting shots, and since I didn't want to lie to her I told her yes. She promptly held onto her seat belt and refused to unbuckle. Her baba convinced her to get out and he scooped her up and tears stung her eyes and the boys gathered around her trying to console her. They left us to go down the road to the orthodontist while I took the Queen inside. She was entertained with books and games in the room with me and then came that time, you know, time for the shots. We placed her on the bed and got her situated, I held her arms and hands tight and she looked over at the mirror and watched the whole thing. NO TEARS!!! She did it with absolutely no tears. I was in total shock. I thought wow she is really transitioning well and trust us so much, and the fact that maybe she is growing up. But as we were checking out the boys all returned and were wowed that she wasn't crying, then they fessed up. Oh no, that means we have to pay up! What? They promised her a b*rbie and an ice cream. So not even a wimper from the Queen. You gotta give it to her, when she makes up her mind, we'll call stubborness, she can hold in the tears amazingly. Look back at the pierced ears episode to see my point. So now the boys have to pay up. They have also learned their lesson, don't make promises you aren't willing to keep.
Oh, and we can't mention any word that resembles "shot" like shop or shopping because she breaks out crying in fear of the doctor. Nor can you use the word "shot" in a sentence like, "they won the came with a 3 point shot." Because she also breaks out in screams and runs around screaming, "no doctor, no shots." At which point the boys fall out laughing.
She is so much fun.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wheel Day!!!!!

This our Queen's first wheel day ever. I mean in every aspect of the word. Our school holds a wheel day every year after end of year testing. It gives the kids such a treat to look forward to at the end of a week of testing. You can take things with wheels from bikes and scooters down to little matchbox*type cars. Since the Queen is not into cars as of yet, so that left us with putting wheels under her. We don't own skates and the Queen doesn't have a bike yet and we didn't have even a boys bike with training wheels for her to ride on. Not that she can ride one becaue I have tried to show her at the store and she can't get the concept of peddling yet. The only wheels we owned that she could possibly ride on was a scooter. We had an old one the boys had moved on from, like a playskool one. So baba dug up the old training wheels for them and put them on the night before wheel day. So that left me watching "the monkey's" ball game from afar while trying to teach a Queen how to ride a scooter. And I have to tell you, it was entertaining. It was a good thing I was trailing behind so she couldn't see my face. But she got it down well enough that we could drag that scooter to school for her to use. The principal met me on the sidewalk as I was walking up and told me they got a big kick out of watching her ride that thing. In order to protect herself and others from her they put her in the middle of the speedway track while others scooted around her. You can see the others are way behind her on the track while she is in the infield. And my good friend, and class mom, Kristy took these wonderful pictures for us since we weren't there for those memories. I would say the face on her says it all. (and absolutely cracks us all up behind her backs because that is not her smile at all, not even her fake smile.) I guess it expresses how hard scooting is!

Pretty In Pink

Isn't she pretty in pink? This is probably her favorite dress and mine too. It is the softest cloth and we both love pink. She picks this dress out every Sunday but since she had some new jewelry we had to wear this since it matched the new jewelry. I have to tell you every Sunday after she gets dressed she looks at herself and says "Mr. Robert, pretty pretty." Meaning "her" Mr. Robert is going to look at her and say "hey pretty girl you look very pretty today." And she dresses every Sunday with him in mind and what he will say. It absolutely cracks me up every Sunday to hear her say this. But she is quite serious about her "Robert." And tonight she told me "he had a pretty sing" and so did her baba. Meaning they sing nice. Can she get any funnier? I know really it all comes down to learning English, it reminds me of how it is much like an infant learning to talk. But her English gets better and better everyday and she is really learning to form our sounds with the tongue a lot better.

And she wanted everyone to notice her new earrings. Actually it was a whole ensemble. It was heart shaped with a pink rhinestone in the center and the ensemble consisted of earrings, necklace, and a ring. She loved being able to take off the starter earrings to don the ensemble.

As I was typing this my son said, "even her ears are cute aren't they?" Really I have to agree with him, aren't they?

Last but not least is my oldest child who is "quite cool" just like our favorite recording artist Toby*M*c. I must say he looks quite good if I do say myself and love that he is quite capable of carrying it off. I was too shy to ever bring attention to myself, but not my son. He is quite outgoing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Behind Closed Doors

It happened yesterday behind closed doors. Yes she closed her door to do something yesteryday. She never closes her door, it only separates her from us when that happens. So when I turned around to find her door shut mmmm....
Only to find out that she had moved her nightstand out from the wall and all her jewelry and toppled off onto the floor. And why? It was all for a baby doll bottle that fell behind it, all for baby "Shmay."

Monday, April 19, 2010

An All Time Low

The Queen has sunk to an all time low. She is now dipping her Mickey "D" fries in Taco**Bell hot sauce. Black pepper was just not hot enough. I may have mentioned that she loves spicy food or "la." In Hunan, women born there are called "La Made Za's" (spelling?? doing it phonetically) or in English- Spicy Girls. The belief in Hunan is if you are hot and eat spicy food it will cause you to sweat which will cool you off. And our little "spicy girl" loves her spicy food or as she calls it "La sauce pleazzza." It started with black pepper piled on her plate and rubbing every piece of meat in it. She said in ChangNing they put it on their canteloupe. She progressed to putting pepper on her veggies, starches- mainly fries, chips and salsa, and now we have moved to la sauce, specifically Taco**bell la sauce. She can't get enough of it. She would pop of fry in then sit and wipe her dripping nose, dip a fry, eat it, wipe her nose. She just cracks us up.
I must add, she is picky about her la sauces. Tabasco** la sauce is just yucky to her, but she likes to dip her nuggets in TExAs Pete*. Eating with her is an adventure and we look forward each day to see what new surprises we encounter.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adoption Attachment

I have been thinking and wondering alot this week, myself, about attachment. Things are going great in this household with our Queen. There are small episodes from time to time that leave me wondering just how we are in this process. I guess, in those times, I am just wanting affirmation that this is "The Dance" post at , I felt the affirmation I needed.
In the beginning it seemed we would take two steps forward and one step back. But now at 4 months, things on a day to day basis seem pretty normal. She is not a morning person much like my oldest child. She has certain foods she likes and certain ones she dislikes. She likes to voice her opinion more and more each day ( a little too much some days, but don't we all). She has her favorite tv shows, -**iCArL*y. And she loves nail polish more than anything.
But then came the event this week. The moment the had me questioning. The day her grandparents left afer meeting them for the first time. As I put her to bed that night she began to cry. Out of the blue crying. Nothing leading up to it crying. As I held her and asked her why, she shrugged "I don't know." But what I believe was she didn't know the English words to express how she was feeling. I really believe it was the blues, her grandparents left after spending the weekend with them. But what I was feeling was: is she missing ChangNing? Is she feeling abandoned? Does she think others will leave? Is she feeling insecure? Am I? So I did what any mother would do for her daughter that was crying... I crawled in bed and held her while she cried and then laughed and then went to sleep.
But the best part of parenting an adopted older child is the hugs, and an always ready "I love you," pats on the bottom as she walks by, and the fact that she will hold my on long walks. And she likes it!

Happy*Days*R Here Again

This face says it all, Happy Days are here!!!!

It has been a tiring week since spring break. The kids had tough time getting into the groove especially the queen. We had lots of ball games and practices this week which didn't allow for time to catch up on sleep. And the weekend ddin't allow for sleep time either. We had a our yearly church party and it was a blast. "Happy Days R Here Again!"

I am not sure what the queen was thinking when we dressed her up, she seemed a bit confused but once I put her time with lipstick on she was all smiles. As you can see!

And here is the whole gang on stage. What you can't see in this picture is when our family performed a skit to Yakety **Yak and The Locomotion. You also are missing out on ba'ba as Dick*Clark*, the boys as thugs from the 50's complete with candy cigarettes and the box rolled up in their sleeve, our monkey as "Malibu*Ken", and the queen and her father danced during intermission. They did the whole swinging in the air thing and twirling round and round.

And that left the queen in love...

During our trip home from church on Sunday the queen decided that she and her ba'ba were going to dance when they got home. Only she took it more serious than he did. He came home, slipped into some old clothes, and layed down for a nap. In the meantime, the queen went to change out of her Sunday clothes and I tried to put her into some play clothes. Only she had other ideas. She wanted to put on another "pretty pretty dress" for ba'ba and her to dance in. I managed to convince her to put on leggings and a t-shirt and finally a dress-up dress.

Once she was dressed she went to fetch her ba'ba only to find him dressed in his napping clothes. Was The Queen ever disappointed. (dad not wanting to dance til his nap had to be convinced he should give it up and dress up and dance so that he could finally get to his nap). So being the great dad that he is he dressed up and went to dance with his little girl. Thing SVC and his cinderella song.

And while someone was waiting for her ba'ba to change clothes she got so excited that she tried standing on her head. Said she learned this in ChangNing. And apparently she did. Good thing she had on those leggings.

And here is the queen dancing with her baba to Yakety Yak**. They had a ball. He swung her around and everything. She was happy.

They are still twisting and turning. And don't they look nice in their dancing finest.

Happy Days are here for the Queen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take Two

It has happened again. The queen has lost another tooth, her second one total. She hadn't lost any teeth prior to coming to us, so we have had the pleasure of this experience. We missed so many of her first in her life: her first steps, crawling, her first words (although we get the pleasure of her first English words). But have gotten so many new first: her first trip to the beach, to McDonalds, to school, and now her first teeth. Her daddy got to pull the first one, but this time The Queen pulled it herself. She is an amazing brave girl. We are still amazed at how brave she is. She has left the only life she ever knew, she left the safety of a gated institute and ventured out into this world to so many new sights and adventures and she really goes with the flow. Not that she is not timid and hangs close to us when experiencing something new, but she still tries anything we ask her to. Look at that sweet smile and the gaps at the bottom.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's A Rap

The Queen with her Mimi and Papa on Sunday in their Sunday finest!

The Queen dressed and ready for a wedding her in yellow dress. Isn't she a cutie?

And here is that gorgeous smile she flashes and melts everyone.

We are wrapping up the weekend and a long week of spring break. It ends with the departure of grandparents on Monday morning and everyone back to school. It will be a rough morning.

I must say we have had a great weekend but quite busy. It involved 1 baseball practice, 2 soccer games, and a wedding to attend. Plus entertaining grandparents, which wasn't hard. The Queen herself could do that all on her own with just her animation and her ability to tell tales (and currently we are not sure if they are true or not and that is why she has been dubbed "The Queen" for drama queen- not really, the meaning has evolved into that since she has come to us).

We are ending our weekend with a new program on the Nick channel and then we have to smoothly remove her from the tv so that she doesn't catch on that her FAVORITE show comes next- at her bed time. If you don't know her favorite show , it is *****iCArley. We like the show, but to view it with her is hilarious. She goes beserk when it goes to commercial and accuses us of changing the channel. We spend our 30 min. convincing her that it is in commercials. Then when the show finally goes off, she then sits and smiles "commercial." And then we have to break her heart and tell her no, it is off. That is life with an English Language Learner.
And more life episodes with our ELL. This weekend the queen and I went to a beautiful wedding at the beach. Following the wedding was a reception overlooking the beach. It was very lovely and right up the queens alley, getting all dolled up along with everyone else. She and I sat at one of the round tables, and I really didn't know anyone at the wedding much so I knew no one to sit with. But a family akin to the bride sat down with us. The Queen notices all details, especially grooming details like hair, nails, and jewelry of men and women alike. The family that sat down with us had 2 grown sons with long hair, well one with long hair and one with longer hair. Immediately she started pointing to the young men and jabbering about their hair. But they were really cool, I explained her being new here in the US and her confusion about what men and women wear. So they were really sweet and the one with longer hair swung his ponytail around for her to see it. So once we cleared it up that it is ok for men to have pierced ears and long hair, the bride and groom entered the reception with a man playing the bagpipes and wearing a kilt leading the way. And what detail did the queen notice in all of this? You guessed it, "he's wearing a skirt!" You can imagine the conversation that followed...
And at the wedding she turned right in the middle of the service and in a very loud voice, announced, "BIG Painting!" Shhhhhh
And during the reception, once she was ready for them to cut the cake, she proceeded very loudly, the Happy Birthday Song. I guess she assumed that would inspire someone to cut and serve the cake. We waited and we were about to leave but took a pit stop first and when we passed by the reception area, what was happening, they were serving cake! Yup it was time and she had to go back in and have cake before we could leave. Too funny.
I guess you can tell we find her quite funny.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Princess****& The Pea*****

The Queen gets a visit from the royal paternal grandparents. She has never had grandparents in her whole 5 1/2 years existence. What is amazing is her total understanding of grandparents. She understands they are special family members, that they are to be treated with respect and that we love them and show affection to them. She has asked many weeks if they were coming and finally it happened, she got to meet them on Thursday the 8th. She ran right out to the car as they pullled up and met mimi at the car, hugged her and then went around to papa's side and hugged him. She is very smitten with them and makes her rounds to hug them when it is bed time and she does this without our prompting. It is amazing to us. God really has a way of working things out and we are grateful.

Here is the empty space in her mouth where the queen lost her first loose tooth. Yeah I know, it doesn't look to empty does it. When we finally discovered there was a loose tooth, really two loose teeth, the new one was already popping through behind it. We weren't sure what to do and didn't want to scare her because of the lanuguage barrier thing we have going on. Since I hate pulling teeth, my plan was to have our pediatric dentist just pull it at a baseball game one day. His son is on big brother's team. Hey why not, it wouildn't be considered an office visit then would it. Just kidding, not really. I hate pulling teeth and refuse to do it. And she did too and that is why her baba pulled it tonight. This is the first of our children that he has actually been allowed to pull a tooth. And he felt blessed that she trust us that much.
And here is The Queen placing her first lost tooth under her pillow. Thus the story of the "Princess and The Pea". Once the tooth was in place and she was going through the nightly goodnight ritual, the sensitive royal highness kept saying "owie". That gigantic boulder, I mean tooth, under her pillow was hurting her. It was all I could do to contain my laughter. She finally decided to head off to sweet dreams once I moved that tooth to the edge of her pillow. She is excited to wake up and hopefully find some money under her pillow. She wants to shop.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 4 Months!!! Happy Easter (belated)!!!!

Happy 4 Months!!!!! Today marks four months with The Queen. It is hard to believe that she has only been with us four months. She has blended in so well that it is hard to believe she hasn't been with us her whole life. As you can see life is good for her and for us. She is napping on her daddy one Sunday afternoon. She is at peace with her new life. She talks about her former home but when you ask where she wants to be, it is here.

Here is the pre-Easter activity. The Queen loves girly things and especially her nails done. Mommy went to get a mani-pedi (a birthday gift) and The Queen had to go too. The ladies there were so sweet and so intrigued by her that one took it upon herself to do her nails special without any notice. She painted them pink with polka-dots and then glitter atop all that. Boy was she thrilled and the folks working there loved seeing her joy. I think it was because they were also Asian and really intrigued by her story and loved her personality. Unfortunately they didn't last til Easter, it was a week away. As you can see my finger polish there. It didn't last either.

Egg hunt #1. Here is her egg hunt at school. You can see her anxiously awaiting what was to come. Only she didn't understand all the excitement. But she is easy going and goes along with whatever. The other kids were excited so she knew it was a special day, and mommy was at school. That alone was special. The kids had an egg hunt and then a party picnic style. She had a blast and ate lots of sweets. In China, sweets are not a big thing, but she has sacrificed herself and adjusted wonderfully to eating sweets.

Then the kids on Easter morning. The Queen has experienced her first Easter Bunny visit. She wasn't sure what to think but she jumped in quicker this time than on Christmas morning. (she is not a morning person at all) But it is apparent that she has blended in with us quickly and trust us totally.

Here is the queen intently listening to the Easter story. I know she seems really intent on listening, but I can assure it is because her Baba is telling it. This was her first Easter ever. And she has noticed the "cross" but she doesn't get it or understand it all. But that is ok, because I know once day her eyes will be opened to the truth.

(and on a side note, notice how long the hair has gotten. that is totally important to her to have long hair, it is getting there.)

Here is the queen at her 3rd egg hunt. By this time she is a pro. But the really sweet thing about her is she is not selfish at all. At this age kids can be quite self centered and worry about not getting enough eggs etc. ( I know, I have lived through 2 boys already.) But not the queen. She has such a sweet disposition and is always ready to share. And egg hunting was no exception. She would gather eggs but was not in a hurry to race another child to them at all. And as she leaned over to get an egg one in her basket would fall out, she was fine with that til her brother pointed out that she had just lost about 8 eggs at once so then she took the time to pick them up. But she was all about opening the eggs and getting out the goodies inside. She has discovered her favorites and least favorites. Jellybeans, no. Chocolate, yes, recall the school lunch incident. Gum, yes. Skittles, yes. M&M, yes. As you can see her "No " list is rather small.

And this is the end of our Easter weekend. All snuggled up with her brother. Egg hunting is fun but tiring for a queen.

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