Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Someone is student of the week....

Guess who? You guessed it, The Queen is. We had to make a poster about her and they shared it in class on Monday. Then on Tuesday she took in her favorite book, I* Love* You* Like* Crazy* Cakes. On Wednesday her teacher read a letter that we wrote about her. On Thursday the class writes letters or pictures to her and on Friday parents can join her for lunch. And what a blessing, it is a workday for me so I can slip away at my lunch time to eat with her and scurry back to work.
And the crazy thing about her favorite book, back at the beginning of the school year someone contacted me through email and said she had some books for me if I would like them since she knew I was adopting. I am now not sure who that individual was, I wanted to write a thank you note but... well I guess you have figured out that I have not been able to properly thank them.. since I have no idea who that person was. I thought it was a woman I met this summer that has adopted and is head of the FCC in our town. But when I ran into her at Chinese New Year, she said no it wasn't her. And folks these books were brand new or like new, all but one for the parents. And The Queen has really enjoyed this one. I haven't pulled all of them out yet, just one at a time when we are needing a change. So that is the book she shared with her class yesterday. I hope they enjoyed it.
more updates later.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ever wonder what China Toe Jam looks like?

Ever wonder what China Toe Jam looks like? Well here it is!! I am going to miss that toe jam. At first sight, while still in China, I was not happy with it. It was under almost every toe and I would try to clean it out and realized it was like stuck to the toenails. It was like stained. So I figured I would have to just wait till it grew out and then I would get rid of it that way. Well as you can see, it is all almost gone but the one toe, the 4th toe. I asked the doctor about it once, I didn't know if it was a health issue like lead in her body or something, I know I know, how illiterate can I be? Give me a break, not a medical major. Now as time has gone on and so has most of the toe jam, I have grown accustomed to it. It is like one last part of her prior life that was left, and now it is almost gone. But if you notice, it was hardly ever seen since we, I mean she, wears nail polish.

The boys had a boys night out last night and went to see the Harlem**Globe*trotters. They enjoyed their evening out while The Queen and I went and did a little window shopping at home decor store. We just enjoyed the peace and quiet of being able to look at girly stuff. And then we stopped and rented a princess movie. I am not sure I enjoyed it, it is the latest one where a frog is involved and it involved a lot of sorcery and witchcraft. So it won't be added to our collection. The Queen and I also bought our items to make her a poster for "student of the week.

And this is how we spent our sunny, warm day off. We, I mean I , cleaned the house and the males + The Queen washed the cars. She had the best time. It seems to be her first time washing a car or having people spray her with a water hose. It is her first bathing suit. She had the time of her life. She got pure wild out there with all the fun. She got so wound up I didn't think we would be able to bring her down, she had such squeals of delight. But really she was easy to bring down or maybe it was the cold she had started to feel after getting so wet and she was ready to change back into her clothes. And then she was ready to cook with mama.

I joined *w.watchers* a couple of weeks ago and then my husband got bad news from the doc that his cholesterol is sky high. I had already started dieting but it is so hard when no one else in the house watches what they eat..... till now, ha ha. So now someone has joined me watching what we eat. And now begins the process of finding healthy foods that fit both of our peramters and taste good. I started trying recipes I got from ww. I have made some good dinners and breakfast dishes, but tring to find the right desserts, uggg. First htis week I made some kind of pumpkin custard. I used to love it at a restaurant on the Eastern Shore, till they closed. So I had to give the recipe a try. One word, YUCK! Second try was today, a peanut butter, chocolate chip pie. It was kind of, uggg. It involved fat free cream cheese, light peanut butter, lemon juice, some cool whip and some chocolate chips, but that was it, no sweetner. So it was kind of like peanut butter with lemon juice mixed it, just kind of uggg, no yummy yums in my household. If it had been in China, might have gone over better since they don't really sweeten anything, but being back in the states, uggg.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

English Language Learner- Part 2

I am going to keep a running record of the weird quirks one experiences while learning English. This weekend The Queen went skating, as you can see below, and trying to explain ahead of time what we were doing. I blew it. I told her eventually that they were going to put wheels on her feet. Her eyes got sooooo big. And the whole family fell out laughing. At that point she laughed to and figured it was no big deal, but for a few minutes~~~~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So how do you confuse an English language learner? Read here!

We are soooo messing with her little mind these days, or I should say English is. The Queen turns in every night for her beauty rest at 7:30pm. Well with the time change, she doesn't understand why it is a little day light outside. She runs to the front door to point this out each evening. How do you tell them??? We try but there is only so much you can do.
And then today daddy picked up the oldest son from school and The Queen was on the playground while this was going on so they waved and the males left. Then after I was done with a meeting I went and retrieved the oldest son from dad and we also exchanged cars. So when I picked her up from school in dad's car with the oldest brother in tow. Well that just blew her mind. We explained the best we could. She seemed alright with this for the moment. Then halfway home, she brought it up again. She was going through it all, who was where with who and when. I couldn't even keep up.
The list probably could gone on and on.
Like why you where green so you don't get pinched when we have taught her you don't pinch? Figure that one out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Note, the boys are doing the "chicken*dance"

It was mama's birthday this weekend along with other family friends' birthdays too. The Queen has been looking forward to this for weeks, although she has been begging for her own birthday, she was still excited for mama. Her oldest brother and dad went out of town to a men's conference and left the youngest two with mama. So we celebrated my birthday with my mom and went to a Japanese steak house for hibachi cooking, which The Queen loved and so did we. She got a taste of her native tongue while we were there. They served Miso soup as one of the choices, so I got that for her since I thought she mike like the ingredients and yes sirree she did. She scooped up the seawood and said, "mama Changning" while pointing at it and then later scooped up the tofu and did the same. So the Miso soup was a hit.
After the meal we all got sick by her brother. He was the only one that didn't eat the rice or vegetables. Sooo not sure if it was a really worth returning. But that didn't stop us from having chocolate cake. The Queen loves cake. She didn't like sweets that much when she first came home, they don't eat a lot of sweets in China*. Even the *oreos* are bland over there. But she has grown to love certain sweets and cake and donuts are on the top of her list! And she has grown to love pizza which she despised at first. Her baba packed her lunch on Friday and they served pizza sticks at school that day. She has let us know all weekend that he made a mistake and she missed out on that food. Won't happen again, I guarantee it.
Then today it was a friend's son's birthday and he had a skating party. So The Queen experienced her first child's birthday party and her first experience skating. She loved them both, but she didn't have time to eat pizza or cake today because she was enjoying the skating or should I say falling. But she did stop for ice cream.
And since the guys weren't here to celebrate my mama's birthday, we left the party and went to *Red*Robin* for burgers. And she experienced a restaurant bringing ice cream to the table and being sung to. She definitely loved this and mention "for" the Queen.
Let say the girl thinks birthdays are the greatest now. She carries around our agencies' calendar (that has pictures each month of adopted kids) and she goes through the months pointing out who's birthdays are that month. No she hasn't learned her months yet, she has learned the children's pictures for each month and even some of their names.
Sorry no pics of mama's birthday but the men took the camera and never even used it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Spaghetti Face

Girly Girl

It is finally warm here, more the weather we are used to all winter. Our nights average in the 45-55 range and our days hover between 65-71. And that is usually our winters. So it is great to finally be thawing out. And that means The Queen can wear dresses or skirts to school finally. She goes to her closet everyday, pulls on the hem of a dress or skirt and begs pleasa mama. (notice the a at the end of please) And with our daily highs at around 38 degrees I can't in good conscience send her to school in a dress to play on the playground at 10am everyday. Not even at the height of the warmth. Soooo this weekend when we were trying on some hand-me-downs (thanks Criss) The Queen eyed this little skirt (with the monkey bar shorts built right in). Come Tuesday when it warmed up enough for dresses we went through her wardrobe to put together an ensemble to match the skirt. She was so proud of this skirt, she flitted through the house showing everybody her new ensemble. And she gladly posed for the picture above.

And I had to throw in her eating spaghetti face just for fun. She loves spaghetti, it is probably the noodle thing.

She is really coming along with her language and understanding of things. Her daddy sneezed the other day and when we rode by her doctors office later that day, she said, "achoo baby, Dr. ____________." She wanted him to go get some shots for a change. We laughed and laughed.

We have so much fun with her as we watch her grow and learn daily.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tragedy Queen

You heard it~ tragedy Queen. Our little Queen can be such the drama queen. The smallest little unexpected touch or bump and you would think she had blood dripping, you get the picture. So that is where she gets the "drama queen" dub. But to add to it she can be quite animated. With that language barrier thing going on she communicates a lot with gestures and well they can be quite dramatic looking. It is really cute the faces she can make. And that was when it was decided that she is going to grow up to be a mime on the streets of N*Y*C. And not just any mime, a tragedy mime because really her best and clearest form of gestures is dealing with sorrow. She is extremely good and expressing tears, pain, and sleep. So if you are ever in NY in about 20+ years and see a Chinese*mime on the streets, you might see her first hand.
Now I know you are wondering about the shoes above. You see The Queen is on her second pair of dress up heels. The first pair were a perfect match for the ball gown to your right on the side bar. But they fell apart. They were only from the $store but she wore the heck out of those things. So she took her own money tonight and bought the shoes of her dreams. Not just any shoes, ones with high heels. They are higher than the ones from that cheap store, yikes. But at least these ball gown shoes have ankle straps to help them stay on. Now we have to convince her that she cannot wear them to school or church.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valuable Lesson

My son learned a valuable lesson this week in following the instructions. You know how you review tests with your child and see how they did and usually it all boils down to "not following directions." We have gone over this many times and it has finally payed off. This weekend my son entered a contest on one of those online communities. He saw the contest in one of our favorite stores and went home and promptly entered. When he was done he said I think I have won. There were 300+ entries already but none of them had followed directions. He got a message last night that he had won. Following the directions really pays off. He gets an autograph of his favorite music artist-- Toby*M*c.

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