Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here is how we celebrated Mother's Day eve. Actually in China it would already be considered Sunday which was our Mother's Day. We celebrated this time with Chinese food and cupcakes in honor and love of the Queen's birthmom and nannies that she called Nu mama, Te mama, Ho mama, Ge mama. But Nu mama was the main care giver for our Queen.
After finishing our chinese meal, we spent some time praying for The Queen's birthmom and nannies. The queen was very sweet during this moment, trying to pray for them. We all took a turn to pray something. We realize at this moment she doesn't understand all of it, but we know in time these questions will be asked and we wanted to show honor and love to her birth mom. So when she is ready, the seeds will be planted.
After having our Mother's Day remembrance for The Queen's birthmom and orphanage nannies that she refers to a mamas. We ended our time with cupcakes as a celebration. The Queen loved it because she got to blow out a candle.
Aren't my 3 children beautiful. I was able to drag out for a quick photo before everyone changed for a MD lunch. It has been a wonderful day. And it is hard to believe that one year ago this holiday we received our referral for the Queen on Mother's Day weekend. It is hard to believe that one year later she was here with us to celebrate this day. A lot has happened in a year. We celebrated this mama's birthday with cards, breakfast, and lunch out to eat. Then it was home to the demands of life. It was a good Mother's Day, I had 3 of my kids with me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fifth Month Anniversay and so much more....

We had to say goodbye to our beloved "Swimmy". We loved that fish. He was just a goldfish and he was awesome. For a goldfish he was huge, like he ate nuclear waste or something. We will miss him. But he was replaced today with 5 new small fish. Hoping at least one of them will survive.

Here is the oldest ge ge playing soccer. Today was his last soccer game for the season. Sorry I had to miss it since the Queen had to visit the doctor (see below). Isn't he handsome? He had a great season and a great coach. He is growing up too fast for me though, hard to believe he finishes 7th grade in just a month.

It is hard to believe it has only been 5 months. Feels like she has been with always. We are sorry we missed those early years, but better late than never. These 5 months have been wonderful and she has grown in so many ways. Her English has come along wonderfully, she has adapted so well at home, at school, at church, and in public. And she has experienced so much of just everyday life. She goes to school like every other 5 year old. She has gone to 2 different birthday parties, and this week she has experienced death. The death of our beloved fish, Swimmy. Turns out she has experienced a fish death in ChangNing, she ran to the toilet to flush it AHEAD of us, so she knew what to do.

I snapped these pictures of her after the party, she had to wear a dress to it! YUP my girly girl. And to celebrate her 5th anniversary I let her do the V victory sign that is so popular in photos snapped in China??? Don't know the reasoning behind it.

We also spent her 5 month anniversary at the doctor's office. She has had a cough since we got her and a runny nose. It only gets better when we put her on antibiotics but two weeks later it returns. This week though it seemed to get worse and sound more croupy. So I got her up this Saturday morning and ran her in so we could get some meds and get over it. But I was totally not ready for what the doctor found. After listening with that stethoscope she could hear some wheezing, but had to use the stethy thing to detect it. So we had to do a breathing treatment in the office and then she listened and said it sounded a little better so she sent us home with some prescriptions that totaled over $100 bucks. We are praying that this helps and it all gets under control and that there is no underlying problem. And hoping she gets the hang of this inhaler down. And hoping this cough gets under control. Since we can't hear the wheezing, we have to judge her breathing by her coughing episodes. And hoping the nose stops running. I am thankful though that we have a great doctor that was very aware and not passive with her. We could have gone on and on and not gotten to the bottom of this for awhile. And I learned something knew today our queen. While she was taking her breathing treatment, I noticed she looked natural at it, not nervous at all. So I asked if she had done this in China, and she said yes but pointed to the apparatus and said it was smaller. That was news to us!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baseball, Gymnastics, and Bling*Bling

Here is my little baseball player, #2. He played a great game tonight. While the queen was swinging off the fence, he was able to assist in a couple of outs, and he hit a ball to outfield and brought in a couple of players, plus he scored a run too. So we took the family out for Micky D's ice cream/shakes for a mini celebration.

Isn't just the cutest?
The Queen finished off a 3 week gymnastics blitz at her school. This very sweet couple of the church offered gymnastics classes, 3 days a week, as a ministry. It was great experience for her. When we first got her, her balance was so off. She couldn't even walk on carpet without looking drunk. And she really struggled whenever we changed surfaces. So I have always wanted to put her in gymnastics once I felt she was assimilated. But then someone told me the cost of gymnastics and well..... So we are so grateful that the Queen got to have these 3 weeks. She has learned the proper way to tumble and do handstands, it has been good for her. And as you see above she is working on a tripod with some friends and up above that she has now ventured into climbing with some friends at the ballpark and hanging off the fence.
Our little queen loves her "bling*bling. Notice 3 bracelets, 1 long double looped necklace, her earrings, but mostly those rings, that big honking door knob ring. And she wears them proud. At least she is now into matching her bling with her outfits, finally! For baseball tonight, she changed into her green sundress and wore this bling to the ballgame. She was the best dressed one in the whole ballpark.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Queen had another round of booster vaccines yesterday. The Queen is terrified of shots but what child isn't? And yesterday was no different, or was it? When we arrived at the doctor's office she asked immediately if she was getting shots, and since I didn't want to lie to her I told her yes. She promptly held onto her seat belt and refused to unbuckle. Her baba convinced her to get out and he scooped her up and tears stung her eyes and the boys gathered around her trying to console her. They left us to go down the road to the orthodontist while I took the Queen inside. She was entertained with books and games in the room with me and then came that time, you know, time for the shots. We placed her on the bed and got her situated, I held her arms and hands tight and she looked over at the mirror and watched the whole thing. NO TEARS!!! She did it with absolutely no tears. I was in total shock. I thought wow she is really transitioning well and trust us so much, and the fact that maybe she is growing up. But as we were checking out the boys all returned and were wowed that she wasn't crying, then they fessed up. Oh no, that means we have to pay up! What? They promised her a b*rbie and an ice cream. So not even a wimper from the Queen. You gotta give it to her, when she makes up her mind, we'll call stubborness, she can hold in the tears amazingly. Look back at the pierced ears episode to see my point. So now the boys have to pay up. They have also learned their lesson, don't make promises you aren't willing to keep.
Oh, and we can't mention any word that resembles "shot" like shop or shopping because she breaks out crying in fear of the doctor. Nor can you use the word "shot" in a sentence like, "they won the came with a 3 point shot." Because she also breaks out in screams and runs around screaming, "no doctor, no shots." At which point the boys fall out laughing.
She is so much fun.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wheel Day!!!!!

This our Queen's first wheel day ever. I mean in every aspect of the word. Our school holds a wheel day every year after end of year testing. It gives the kids such a treat to look forward to at the end of a week of testing. You can take things with wheels from bikes and scooters down to little matchbox*type cars. Since the Queen is not into cars as of yet, so that left us with putting wheels under her. We don't own skates and the Queen doesn't have a bike yet and we didn't have even a boys bike with training wheels for her to ride on. Not that she can ride one becaue I have tried to show her at the store and she can't get the concept of peddling yet. The only wheels we owned that she could possibly ride on was a scooter. We had an old one the boys had moved on from, like a playskool one. So baba dug up the old training wheels for them and put them on the night before wheel day. So that left me watching "the monkey's" ball game from afar while trying to teach a Queen how to ride a scooter. And I have to tell you, it was entertaining. It was a good thing I was trailing behind so she couldn't see my face. But she got it down well enough that we could drag that scooter to school for her to use. The principal met me on the sidewalk as I was walking up and told me they got a big kick out of watching her ride that thing. In order to protect herself and others from her they put her in the middle of the speedway track while others scooted around her. You can see the others are way behind her on the track while she is in the infield. And my good friend, and class mom, Kristy took these wonderful pictures for us since we weren't there for those memories. I would say the face on her says it all. (and absolutely cracks us all up behind her backs because that is not her smile at all, not even her fake smile.) I guess it expresses how hard scooting is!

Pretty In Pink

Isn't she pretty in pink? This is probably her favorite dress and mine too. It is the softest cloth and we both love pink. She picks this dress out every Sunday but since she had some new jewelry we had to wear this since it matched the new jewelry. I have to tell you every Sunday after she gets dressed she looks at herself and says "Mr. Robert, pretty pretty." Meaning "her" Mr. Robert is going to look at her and say "hey pretty girl you look very pretty today." And she dresses every Sunday with him in mind and what he will say. It absolutely cracks me up every Sunday to hear her say this. But she is quite serious about her "Robert." And tonight she told me "he had a pretty sing" and so did her baba. Meaning they sing nice. Can she get any funnier? I know really it all comes down to learning English, it reminds me of how it is much like an infant learning to talk. But her English gets better and better everyday and she is really learning to form our sounds with the tongue a lot better.

And she wanted everyone to notice her new earrings. Actually it was a whole ensemble. It was heart shaped with a pink rhinestone in the center and the ensemble consisted of earrings, necklace, and a ring. She loved being able to take off the starter earrings to don the ensemble.

As I was typing this my son said, "even her ears are cute aren't they?" Really I have to agree with him, aren't they?

Last but not least is my oldest child who is "quite cool" just like our favorite recording artist Toby*M*c. I must say he looks quite good if I do say myself and love that he is quite capable of carrying it off. I was too shy to ever bring attention to myself, but not my son. He is quite outgoing.

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