Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here is how we celebrated Mother's Day eve. Actually in China it would already be considered Sunday which was our Mother's Day. We celebrated this time with Chinese food and cupcakes in honor and love of the Queen's birthmom and nannies that she called Nu mama, Te mama, Ho mama, Ge mama. But Nu mama was the main care giver for our Queen.
After finishing our chinese meal, we spent some time praying for The Queen's birthmom and nannies. The queen was very sweet during this moment, trying to pray for them. We all took a turn to pray something. We realize at this moment she doesn't understand all of it, but we know in time these questions will be asked and we wanted to show honor and love to her birth mom. So when she is ready, the seeds will be planted.
After having our Mother's Day remembrance for The Queen's birthmom and orphanage nannies that she refers to a mamas. We ended our time with cupcakes as a celebration. The Queen loved it because she got to blow out a candle.
Aren't my 3 children beautiful. I was able to drag out for a quick photo before everyone changed for a MD lunch. It has been a wonderful day. And it is hard to believe that one year ago this holiday we received our referral for the Queen on Mother's Day weekend. It is hard to believe that one year later she was here with us to celebrate this day. A lot has happened in a year. We celebrated this mama's birthday with cards, breakfast, and lunch out to eat. Then it was home to the demands of life. It was a good Mother's Day, I had 3 of my kids with me.

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jdoyle525 said...

Which nannies did you meet? We met Chen Mama, Ho Mama, and "Mama Jie Jie". I assume the latter was a young woman (perhaps a daughter of one of the other nannies) as her name means "Mama Big Sister". Lin Lin also speaks of "Wang Baba", but only when she sees pictures of him in the video I play for her.

The (disposable camera) photos I received back from China showed a picture of her sitting with a nanny I had not met, learning the names of the people in the photo album I had sent ahead of time. She calls that woman "Lu Mama".


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