Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Pictures will be added later.

We have had a lot of fun this summer so far. Last week the Queen experienced her first Vacation Bible School. She had a blast. She looked forward to the chaos every night. We have also gone to the beach, the pool, and back to the beach. She loves it all. And now this week we have celebrated another birthday. Our oldest has become a teenager. UGGGG!!!!! But we are proud of him, he keeps his grades up and is so much fun. For his celebration we went to C.Beach water front amusement park. The kids had a blast and we can't believe how much the Queen loves the fast rides. She acted bored on the train. Cracked us up. But she never tired of the merry-go-round. And then over to our favorite ice cream shop.
And then next week he gets his tonsils out. So more ice cream here we come. All of them will want them out I am afraid when they see all the ice cream he gets.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

Celebrating her brothers birthday at the bowling alley and showing her funny
face instead of her pretty smile. The smile that cracks us up.

Here's the funny face at the restaurant.

The Queen showing off her bowling abilities. She is quite good at it.

And her funny face with her baba in the shot.

The Queen showing off her swimming abilities.
So much has happened in the last week that I have just uploaded some images in no set order and just going to say it all at once.
First The Queen went swimming last weekend and this weekend and after only 2 trips to a pool she has learned to swim. She really amazes. In Changsha we took her to the indoor hotel pool, only to watch the boy swim. However, she didn't know we were only going to watch and when she saw her brothers jump right into the pool she booked it the other way. She dashed out of there so fast I almost didn't make it in time before she reached the elevators. She was not afraid of baths though. Then later that week we went to the local park and she freaked out when went to walk across a small bridge. So I had the guide explain to her that we would never put her in harms way around water or make her do something she wouldn't want to do. I have no idea what the guide said to her but se has never been scared since and has trusted us totally. That day when we crossed the next bridge she held my hand and acted totally unafraid. But when we took her to a pool, well we didn't know what to expect. We put her in one of those bathing suits that has floats in the waist line. We also put on her arm band swimmies. She was good to go. Within 5 minutes of hitting the pool, she was climbing out and jumping into our arms. Then this weekend she took off in the pool kicking her feet and scooping her hands. She swam the whole length of the pool with no problem. She is still skiddish, but that is expected, but her trust in us amazing. I think what it will take is being in a pool consistently and she will get this swimming thing.
We also celebrated my youngest son's birthday, her older brother. First we went to the bowling alley and bowled then we went to his favorite restaurant - Red*Robin. And opened presents there. As you can see her the shots above, she has become quite the character with her funny faces. This funny face is our favorite and it cracks us up. So she likes to do that one for us. I, of course, was not wanting it in ALL of our shots, lol. But I have to say she was a really good sport about his birthday. She has been dying for her birthday to come for months now. She has never celebrated her birthday in China. She has witness her other friends in the orphanage celebrate their birthdays and have cake and presents but she has not because the orphanage doesn't do that. The only way you can have a party is if your adoptive family sends you a cake and present. So The Queen has never had a party or cake of her own. When she finally learned some English she started asking for her birthday so I showed her on our AWAA calendar the month that her birthday is in. After that she has carried that calendar around under her arm and pointing to that month and confirms with me again that that is her birthday. She has asked for a cell phone, a barbie, polish and lip gloss, and dress up clothes. Her request are not too hard all but the cell phone, she wants a REAL one. She is really very sweet about it all, and she was very sweet to her brother about his birthday so we are looking forward to celebrating her birthday too next month.
And lastly we had our 6 month post placement yesterday. It all went very well. I had warned the Queen prior to our appointment that someone was coming to see us and they were coming to make sure everything was going well since she came to live with us. The Queen slipped back into the very shy mode that we saw in China, but I just attributed it to a stranger being in our home. But then something happened today... The Queen went out into the den to see her brother. She never came back so I thought she was hanging with him. But a few minutes later he hollered for me to come, something was wrong, he thought she was hurt because she was crying but he didn't know for sure what was wrong. When I got there she had big tears running down her face, just sitting in the floor crying. So I scooped her into my lap and asked what was wrong. She had just tripped on the door frame and was really ok. But what got me was her silent tears streaming down, like when we first got her. So I held her and she got better. But what struck me was her relaps of behavior. And then after we parents talked we realized the social worker visit may have brought this on. So I talked with her and asked if she was afraid that the woman was going to take her back to China and she lowered her head and shook it "yes." So that was what brought on her relaps. She was afraid the woman was taking her away from us. And she said she didn't want to go. So I assured her that she would never go back to China unless mama, baba took her. Then she said, "mama, baba's heart hurt." "Yes my heart would hurt." And then she said, "mama call police and they shoot." "Yes if someone took you from us we would call the police." And now we have a little girl back. Squealing to the top of her lungs through the house antagonizing her brothers, our house is back to normal.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Queen Graduates and Other Changes in store

Our little mouse in her program "Arkeology."
And this is the face that cracked is up. She was the funniest thing through out the entire play. The kids dressed a animals and came in 2 x 2. She was a mouse. But she was more into her hair and looking at us. She even got upset that her brother was sitting in the audience and chewing gum without her. That was the first words she said when we caught up with her. She even manage to pout while singing about the gum fiasco. And she spent one whole song fixing her hair. She is such a teenager or a diva. While everyone else was concerned about their performance or finding their parents in the audience, she knew where we were and concerned with missing out on what we had. She cracked us up so much til we cried. I mean the tears were streaming down our face. We cried so much ( and muffled our laughing) that the people around us thought something was wrong and asked if we were alright. I am serious. We lost it. I guess because we were expected to be quiet.
This is the graduate in her cap and gown. Little fuzzy but everything was happening fast. Isn't she cute in her cap and gown. We are so proud of her and how far she has come with all the new things she has had to learn. She is amazing.

For her graduation program, her baba and ge ge couldn't be there because he had a ball game. So they met her at the car, picked her up and had her close her eyes and presented her with flowers and a balloon. She was in total shock. She didn't know how to react. She had that hidden smile like I can't show you how happy I am. And shortly after she pointed at them and said her teacher's name. I told her no, they were flowers for her. And then the sweetest grin came on her face and she got up on the table to sniff them and pose with them. She loved them at that point. She had never been given flowers.
This is the queen's award given by her teacher today on the last day of school. She got "It's a Whole New World" for all the changes she has experienced and how well she has adjusted at school. It has been amazing. Everyone cried when she got her award including her teacher, her mommy, and all the other parents and even some of the other kids stood and applauded. They love her so much in there.
Look at the queen's new hair cut. She looks just like a China Doll. Her haircut is sooooo cute. It just needed some shaping up since growing out and I decided to give her some bangs. She looks adorable. And it was her first haircut since she came to be with her forever family. She went from looking 5 to looking 12 years old in a matter of minutes. And she sat wonderfully for my hair dresser to cut her hair. I think she has secretly been wanting a
haircut when I get mine done and well today she finally got one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Queen Visits The Pond

Yup the Queen put her big toe and her whole body in the Atlantic Ocean this weekend. On Memorial Day we took the kids to the beach to dig in the sand but it was actually warm enough to get in the water. The Queen loves the beach. She has been before, but not out into the ocean, til this trip. She squealed with delight, I mean the ear drum bursting squeals. She loved it. And when she wasn't in the water she was digging in the sand and dragging water up in her buckets. She is delightful at the beach. And we are so glad because we spend a lot of time there in the summer. It was one of my biggest concerns that she would not like the sand and have a fit. Many kids don't like sand and can't stand it sticking to them or their bathing suit. But she is a sport and goes along with anything we like. She doesn't mind interjecting her opinions from time to time but all in all she goes along with things just fine. And with her loving the beach that suits us just fine.
Some more updates. She graduates from kindergarten this Thursday. She will be a mouse in their little play. The last day of school for my kids in Friday and next Friday for me.
We have had sickness rampant in our house for the last 3 weeks. It has been various symptoms but they have visited us all in the last 3 weeks. Just hoping school ends soon so we can get some good sleep and hopefully get well ALL of us.
The Queen even was put on an inhaler during her bought of sickness, but she seems the healthiest she's been since we got her. And the funny thing is they gave her a breathing treatment at the doctors' office and she knew what to do. Anyway she is doing great now.
But the boys have really battled with us too as have the parents. We were all asleep by 9pm last night. Amazing being the last week of school.

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