Friday, June 4, 2010

The Queen Graduates and Other Changes in store

Our little mouse in her program "Arkeology."
And this is the face that cracked is up. She was the funniest thing through out the entire play. The kids dressed a animals and came in 2 x 2. She was a mouse. But she was more into her hair and looking at us. She even got upset that her brother was sitting in the audience and chewing gum without her. That was the first words she said when we caught up with her. She even manage to pout while singing about the gum fiasco. And she spent one whole song fixing her hair. She is such a teenager or a diva. While everyone else was concerned about their performance or finding their parents in the audience, she knew where we were and concerned with missing out on what we had. She cracked us up so much til we cried. I mean the tears were streaming down our face. We cried so much ( and muffled our laughing) that the people around us thought something was wrong and asked if we were alright. I am serious. We lost it. I guess because we were expected to be quiet.
This is the graduate in her cap and gown. Little fuzzy but everything was happening fast. Isn't she cute in her cap and gown. We are so proud of her and how far she has come with all the new things she has had to learn. She is amazing.

For her graduation program, her baba and ge ge couldn't be there because he had a ball game. So they met her at the car, picked her up and had her close her eyes and presented her with flowers and a balloon. She was in total shock. She didn't know how to react. She had that hidden smile like I can't show you how happy I am. And shortly after she pointed at them and said her teacher's name. I told her no, they were flowers for her. And then the sweetest grin came on her face and she got up on the table to sniff them and pose with them. She loved them at that point. She had never been given flowers.
This is the queen's award given by her teacher today on the last day of school. She got "It's a Whole New World" for all the changes she has experienced and how well she has adjusted at school. It has been amazing. Everyone cried when she got her award including her teacher, her mommy, and all the other parents and even some of the other kids stood and applauded. They love her so much in there.
Look at the queen's new hair cut. She looks just like a China Doll. Her haircut is sooooo cute. It just needed some shaping up since growing out and I decided to give her some bangs. She looks adorable. And it was her first haircut since she came to be with her forever family. She went from looking 5 to looking 12 years old in a matter of minutes. And she sat wonderfully for my hair dresser to cut her hair. I think she has secretly been wanting a
haircut when I get mine done and well today she finally got one.

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