Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Queen Visits The Pond

Yup the Queen put her big toe and her whole body in the Atlantic Ocean this weekend. On Memorial Day we took the kids to the beach to dig in the sand but it was actually warm enough to get in the water. The Queen loves the beach. She has been before, but not out into the ocean, til this trip. She squealed with delight, I mean the ear drum bursting squeals. She loved it. And when she wasn't in the water she was digging in the sand and dragging water up in her buckets. She is delightful at the beach. And we are so glad because we spend a lot of time there in the summer. It was one of my biggest concerns that she would not like the sand and have a fit. Many kids don't like sand and can't stand it sticking to them or their bathing suit. But she is a sport and goes along with anything we like. She doesn't mind interjecting her opinions from time to time but all in all she goes along with things just fine. And with her loving the beach that suits us just fine.
Some more updates. She graduates from kindergarten this Thursday. She will be a mouse in their little play. The last day of school for my kids in Friday and next Friday for me.
We have had sickness rampant in our house for the last 3 weeks. It has been various symptoms but they have visited us all in the last 3 weeks. Just hoping school ends soon so we can get some good sleep and hopefully get well ALL of us.
The Queen even was put on an inhaler during her bought of sickness, but she seems the healthiest she's been since we got her. And the funny thing is they gave her a breathing treatment at the doctors' office and she knew what to do. Anyway she is doing great now.
But the boys have really battled with us too as have the parents. We were all asleep by 9pm last night. Amazing being the last week of school.

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