Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Pictures will be added later.

We have had a lot of fun this summer so far. Last week the Queen experienced her first Vacation Bible School. She had a blast. She looked forward to the chaos every night. We have also gone to the beach, the pool, and back to the beach. She loves it all. And now this week we have celebrated another birthday. Our oldest has become a teenager. UGGGG!!!!! But we are proud of him, he keeps his grades up and is so much fun. For his celebration we went to C.Beach water front amusement park. The kids had a blast and we can't believe how much the Queen loves the fast rides. She acted bored on the train. Cracked us up. But she never tired of the merry-go-round. And then over to our favorite ice cream shop.
And then next week he gets his tonsils out. So more ice cream here we come. All of them will want them out I am afraid when they see all the ice cream he gets.

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