Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday anticipation

Friday is a big day for some little girl. She is sooooo excited. She has no idea what to expect beyond you should have a cake and presents. Oh and all she has asked for is a cell phone, a real one, not one that goes dink dink dink (like the play one does). We ask her who she is going to call on it and she says mama and daddy.
This week we booked her party for Chuck*E*Cheeses*. She is clueless, never been there. We ate at Cracker**Barrel this past week and she was looking at the girly stuff for sale and said is this my birthday party. So sad. But she will get to have her first real party and know what it is like and how it feels on Friday the 23rd. Oh and she has never been to Chuckies so that will be new too.
She is improving with her swimming all the time. Hates working on ABC stuff, but has learned that she must do it or miss her favorite teenage show-- iC*rly.
She loves taunting her bigger brothers and they love taunting her, just like siblings like to do everywhere, all over the world.
Oh and she has decided she is not going back to school. That she will just stay home when the rest of us return to school. When asked how she would spend her time... watching tv and playing. She will have to be sad though because life is life and she must join us out there. But it makes me happy to know she enjoys her home and being here with us.

Sorry no pics. Computer issues when it comes to that right now.

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