Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Queen

Yes it is the Queen's birthday. Today we celebrate her 6th birthday as a family. From what we understand she has never had a birthday cake or a birthday present. She has watched the others in her orphanage receive cakes &/or presents. But she has never had one. After being home 2-3 months she started asking aout her birthday like when was it etc. She would take my AWAA calendar down and had me teach her which month was her birthday on and she would flip it open to July and tuck it under her arm and carry it around and talk to everyone about that being her birthday. Then last month we celebrated one of her brother's birthday at Red*Robin and she decided that was what she wanted to do also. She thought their birthday song was soooo pretty. But we knew she just had no idea what to ask for for a birthday celebration so we just took it upon ourselves to plan something. Unfortunately the date snuck up on us while having to tend to her other brother that got his tonsils out 2 weeks ago. But we planned something quickly and now we will celebrate tonight at Chuck**E**Cheeses's. And this is her birthday wish list: a pretty pretty dress, a new cell phone that doesn't go dink dink, ie a real one that doesn't sound like a toy phone, and maybe a barbie. Well the phone isn't happening. She has a couple of play phones and that is as far as it will go. When asked who she would call: mommy and daddy. Go figure, who else. I was afraid she would try to call China. She pretends to call them but now when she does she speaks Chinglish. So one day I told her they don't understand English that she had to talk in Chinese to them. She hasn't called them anymore, lol. But she still sings in Chinglish. Mostly Chinese with some English words thrown in.
Happy Birthday to our special daughter. We love her.


Kathy said...

Happy birthday Sweetie!!!
Have a fun day!!!

The Richerts said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet baby girl!! Hope she has a wonderful day and a year full of delights!

Scott said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy every minute celebrating her very special day!! We had Sabrina's birthday party in March - she was in her glory - she keeps wanting to know when her next birthday is!! I love "chinglish" - I'm going to use that one!!

Wendy S in PA

jdoyle525 said...

Happy Birthday Wen Li! Lin Lin still gets so excited to see her picture every time I open your blog.

We visited Lin Lin's friend from Changning this past weekend (adopted the same day as Lin Lin. They now speak exclusively in English to each other...sad, but I am happy they are picking up English quickly.


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