Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changsha Revisted

Here is one of my favorite pics from Changsha, the capitol of Hunan. That is The Queen's province. This is Changsha Park and is was huge, I forget how many acres like a hundred or some big number. We couldn't even walk through it all. As we were strolling through we found this beautiful bridge, just like out of pictures of China. So I had to walk across it, but The Queen wasn't budging. She was so frightened of water other than the tub. She was not going across that thing, and it can look scary if you are afraid of water because there was no sides, but when we got to another bridge, she wasn't budging either and it was big and had a high railing on it. So I talked with the guide, Mamie, and told her to please let her know we would never let any harm come to her. I don't know what she said to her, but the Queen took my hand and walked across all bridges and even fed some fish without any concerns. And she has trusted us ever since.

And now she swims like a fish and this past week she started jumping off from the side of the pool and doing flips into the pool. I was stunned. This is something she started all on her own. We are amazed at how far she has come. How well she fits in with our lifestyle. And how much she trust us.

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