Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes that has been us, missing in action. I haven't been posting as much but decided I need to get back to it. But instead of focusing on our day-to-day life I am going to focus on "Life with an English Language Learner." Because y'all it is just too funny. And can be quite sweet too.

This past week she told me, "I want to be you mommy." Now isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard. And last week she asked me why we named her "Gracyn" and I explained about giving her an American name to go with her Chinese name and she responded I want it to be "mom." Sweet sweet sweet!!! And maybe one day it will be.

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jdoyle525 said...


I'm glad you're back. Can you e-mail me privately so that I can ask you some ELL-related questions.

Jeannine (Lin Lin's mom)

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