Thursday, December 16, 2010

Famous Quotes from The Queen

So I have dedicated this new year on the blog to tracking her sayings, well because they are just too funny and I don't want to forget them.

Like last night, at around 9pm while driving home from church, she looked out the car window and said, "I see a rainbow in my eye." It was pitch dark!!!!

And on Tuesday she managed to sneak her after school snack out of her book bag and into her desk. And then proceeded to eat said snack. And she was caught red handed, I mean her mouth was full. The teacher, who is also know a The Queen,(which we will call Queen Bee) had this conversation.
Queen Bee: what do you have in your mouth?
Queenie: bbrbrbrbbbb
Queen Bee: I can't understand you with your mouth full. What are you eating?
Queenie: nooo bbrbrbrbb
Queen Bee: I can see it in your mouth, swallow it and don't eat anymore.
Queenie: gulp! I not eating anything.
Queen Bee: I could see it. Let's stop.
(it was a store bought rice crispy treat)

And then the day before she had said conversation with Queen Bee.
Queen Bee: Queenie take your feet out of your desk. (fyi: she has the table top desk where you store books under the table top)
Queenie: my feet aren't in my desk
Queen Bee: uhhh yes they are and you are sharing/baring it all for everyone to see.
Queenie: no I not.
Queen Bee: Queenie just put your feet on the floor.
Queenie: yes ma'am

See what I mean. She is too funny and she doesn't even try.

And this is our conversation at bedtime on Tuesday night. Same night as the Rice Crispy Treat.
Queenie: I don't want no one to put me to bed tonight.
Royal Parents: you don't want either of us to tuck you in?
Queenie: No!
RP: well let's pray.
Queenie, hhhmp, ok
RP: (pray) goodnight, give us a kiss.
Queenie kisses everyone and exits scene and goes 0ff to bed.
Queenie returns.
Queenie: no one put me to bed!!
RP: you said you didn't want anyone to put you to bed.
Queenie: no I didn't
RP: do you want someone to tuck you in?
Queenie: yes!
Royal mommy tucks her in and kisses her goodnight.

Life with a queen can be so demanding. All you can do at the end of the day is laugh.

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