Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tea Party and Princess Game

Today we pulled out the Tea Pot and Jasmine tea from Guangzhou, China. The pot is clay and you soak it in water for a minute before you add the tea and hot water. In the strainer belowe you can see the dried Jasmine before the water hits it.

This is the table all set for our tea party complete with tea and Vanilla wafers. The Queen enjoyed our party. She said it was the best tea party ever.

And now we are playing the Princess Game and being quite silly.

Even her brother got into the action. Isn't he pretty?

And a closeup of the tea pot from Guangzhou, China. This is our first time using it or drinking the tea we brought back from China.

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newman4nsingapore said...

Natalie!!!! THe boys and Wen LI have grown so much!!! Just looking through your blog thinking about HER life and my how has it changed and the wonderful opportunities you all are poviding for her.......what a great gift from God to your boys, you, and your hubby!!!! Heart warming experience!!! I KNOW you are really having fun with your kids!!!! xoxoxoxox Cheryl

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